Alaskan Bush People: Are We Getting Spin-Offs?

The debate over Alaskan Bush People‘s fate continues, but there’s one particular vein of the discussion that’s absent: Could Alaskan Bush People eventually get it its own spin-off? If a spinoff is possible, could it even take the place of a sixth season?

Well, probably not. We’re likely going to get at least one more season of Alaskan Bush People. Anything beyond that is anyone’s guess. Still, it’s hard not to notice that the Discovery Channel is showing a lot of the Browns — and Season 5 ended weeks ago.

For the past few weeks, the show has focused on a particular member of the “Wolf Pack,” who answered questions about past experiences. The Alaska Dispatch-News pointed out that these “new” episodes typically feature old episode footage.

Some believe these specials are the Discovery Channel’s way of getting the most out of Alaskan Bush People before kicking it to the curb. However, the opposite is probably true: these extra episodes likely mean Browns are too popular to lose their show. A recent Inquisitr article even claimed plans to air the sixth season were announced as far back in March.

If the Browns are safe and Alaskan Bush People will be back, it just might signal that Alaskan Bush People is on the path to being branched out into multiple shows.

Before dismissing the possibility outright, consider the fact that reality TV shows from the Bachelor to the Real Housewives series to the Kardashian clan themselves have enjoyed spinoffs. Alaskan Bush People has all the elements of a reality TV program that eventually gets spun off into additional shows: a large cast, adult children who may be ready to “spread their wings,” and a loyal fanbase.

Perhaps a spinoff series might follow the personal journey of one or more of the adult sons should they leave the show. Rumors are circulating that this could become the case for second-oldest son, “Bam” Brown. His alleged girlfriend is said to be a producer for Alaskan Bush People.

A spinoff might see Bam leaving his family behind and attempting to grow his own. In true spin-off fashion, there would likely be parallel footage or callbacks to the main Alaskan Bush People show. Although, Bam’s behavior could suggest that if he left Alaskan Bush People, he’d be leaving life on camera behind for good.

Another candidate? His brother, Matt.

Alaskan Bush People ended with a stark look at Matt Brown’s drinking problems. Although he’s since received treatment, we could eventually find out that life in the bush is doing more to create problems than to help heal them. If Matt leaves Alaskan Bush People, he may be open to a show that focuses on him traveling and meeting new people. He’s definitely the most social of the bunch, and watching Matt mature and heal could result in a surprisingly popular spinoff property.

Aside from focusing on any particular “Wolf Pack” member, there’s a possibility that the Discovery Channel might offer a show to relatives connected to the Browns. There was a big off-camera controversy late last season when it appeared Ami Brown ditched her elderly mother for a Hawaiian reunion.

However, appearances might be deceiving, with viewers getting introduced or reintroduced to family members who could be the focus of their own spinoff at some point. It certainly seems that extended family members are jostling for a bit of the Alaskan Bush People-tinged spotlight. We can’t really rule out anything at this point.

It’s also possible we may get a spin-off that has nothing to do with the Brown family — and that might be the strongest possibility. Why? Well, despite the show’s, the Browns aren’t exactly home-grown “Alaskan bush people.” The family’s roots are in Texas, and they’ve spent a considerable amount of time living outside of Alaska. There’s also the criminal controversy and problematic gossip that the Discovery Channel might want to get away from.

The Discovery Channel might opt to focus on a family that isn’t even “bush people,” per se, but be filmed in a manner that makes their show the spiritual successor to Alaskan Bush People.

It will be interesting to see that after dodging cancellation rumors, Alaskan Bush People managed to expand. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see whether renewal or cancellation rumors turn out to be true.

Do you think Alaskan Bush People will get spin-offs at some point? Share why or why not below!

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