WikiLeaks Hillary Clinton Emails, Documents: Julian Assange’s Part 2 Megyn Kelly Interview On Thursday [Video]

Megyn Kelly interviewed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on The Kelly File about more soon-to-be-leaked Hillary Clinton emails and documents, as seen in the below videos. Kelly’s part one of her interview with Assange is nothing compared to part two of Megyn’s interview with Julian, says Kelly. The second part of the explosive interviews with Assange caused Megyn to tell her viewers to just wait until they saw the footage set to be aired Thursday on The Kelly File.

In the first part of Kelly’s interview with Assange, the WikiLeaks founder told Megyn that folks who read the leaked Clinton documents should expect unexpected angles and entertaining information revealed by WikiLeaks, which will be leaked before the November 8 election.

The mysterious murder of Seth Rich, a DNC staffer who was killed, as reported by Newsweek, will also be discussed by Assange. Megyn said that Julian will go farther than he’s ever gone to discuss the death of Seth.

Kelly’s panel theorized that Assange would more than likely leak the information about Clinton during a pivotal time, just like WikiLeaks leaked the DNC emails directly before the Democratic National Convention. That means that Assange — who admitted he hasn’t read all the leaked documents yet and is still formulating a plan for their leakage to the public — could very well leak the Clinton documents right before the first presidential debate between Trump and Clinton, guessed Megyn’s panel of experts.

As reported by CNN Money, that first debate between Hillary and Donald will take place in about one month, even though the moderator of the debate is still unknown.

According to Assange, the WikiLeaks team is working full-time to disseminate the leaked information about Clinton.

“We’re working around the clock. We have received quite a bit of material.”

Julian stated that the previous leak of DNC emails led to the resignation of five major DNC officials. Assange stated that WikiLeaks has a perfect 10-year record in never getting it wrong, so Julian wants to make sure that WikiLeaks keeps their perfect record.

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At this point, the WikiLeaks founder said that his team is trying to figure out how things should be formatted and the best ways to stage out the leak. Assange said they are determining if the leaked information should be released in one batch or several batches.

Either way, the leak of the Clinton information from WikiLeaks will come before the November 8 election.

“People have the right to understand who they are electing.”

With thousands of pages of material to be leaked, Assange told Kelly that he didn’t want to scoop WikiLeaks and give the game away, but Julian admitted that the Clinton material to be leaked would include information from different types of institutions, as well as some quite unexpected angles, both interesting and entertaining to those who will read the leaks.

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The leaked information about Clinton could be significant, said Assange, but it depends on how it catches fire in the media. Megyn reported that Julian is not a fan of Trump, but Kelly stated that Julian really does not like Clinton.

According to CBS News, Julian claimed that his information about Clinton is significant.

Reaction from social media to the news that Assange is set to leak material from Clinton’s election campaign can be read in some of the comments below.

Assange is getting a mixed reaction to news of the latest Clinton leak on social media.

“May all truth about BOTH candidates be found.”

“Some call it ‘conspiracy theories’ — I think they maybe right. Five deaths in the last month….. I agree that is conspiracy.”

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