Kim Richards Target Shoplifting Case: Former RHOBH Star Avoids Jail Time Again

Kim Richards managed to avoid serving time in jail after skipping court ordered Alcoholics Anonymous and community service meetings in connection to her shoplifting case. According to TMZ, Kim was convicted of shoplifting for stealing $600 worth of merchandise from a Van Nuys Target store in 2015. Security noticed Richards taking several items and placed her under a citizen’s arrest until police arrived to the scene.

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Former RHOBH star Kim Richards avoids jail after stealing from Target. [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]
Kim, 51, had her lawyers attend court on Wednesday for a probation violation hearing. Richards missed the deadline for completing 30 days of community service and 52 AA sessions, according to TMZ. The court ordered the former child actress to fulfill these obligations, on deadline as a part of her sentence.

Kim’s lawyers presented hard evidence that most of her community service is finished and Richards is completely current on her AA meetings, Kim’s lawyer old this to E! News.

“Kim is up to date on all her requirements with the court and her probation was reinstated.”

TMZ reports the ex Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star will stay on probation. Kim must have all tasks completed by the next hearing, which takes place in November. At this time, Richards and her lawyer must prove she is up-to-date on all of her court-ordered responsibilities.

The former reality star was booked into jail on a Sunday evening, after store security called LAPD to a Target in the Valley, TMZ reported. The mother-of-four was caught shoplifting on August 2, 2015. Richards got out of jail the following Monday afternoon. Kim’s Target haul included stickers, crayons, and coloring books — all child-related items, according to The Daily Mail. It is still unclear if Kim was under the influence during the time of her arrest. Richard’s bail was set to $5,000.

TMZ also reports Richard was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct at a Beverly Hills hotel. This is the arrest which landed Kim a short stay in rehab. Many family members and those included within Kim’s inner circle feel her time in rehab was cut too short, a source revealed to E! News.

“There are people in the family who wish she had stayed in rehab longer… They weren’t happy she chose to leave early.”

Just days before this arrest, sources confirmed to E! News that Kim was hospitalized. There was no word on the circumstances of Richards’ stay. An insider shared with E! News how stealing is uncharacteristic of Kim.

“Stealing is just so out of character for her under normal circumstances.”

Kim Richards Sobriety Battle

Kim Richards has been quite public regarding her battles with sobriety. An inside source gave E! News an update on how Richards has been over the past few months.

“At the moment, she seems to be doing OK. She goes to AA [meetings]. She’s trying to get some projects off the ground. There are three or four in the works.”

Following recent events, Richards uploaded a photo to Instagram wishing her youngest daughter, Kimberly Jackson, a happy 21st birthday. Richards is the younger sister to Kathy Hilton and aunt to Beverly Hills socialite, Paris Hilton. Kim’s younger sister Kyle Richard remains on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with her husband Mauricio and three daughters.

Richards has appeared happy and in good spirits as of late, even after the devastating loss of her ex, Monty Brinson, earlier this year. Monty died at the age of 58 from cancer on January 24. Younger sister Kyle revealed to Us Weekly how Kim is coping with the loss.

“It’s a cloud because she’s been so happy and feeling so good and then she loses her best friend. But she’s strong and she’ll get through this just fine…She has a very big support system.”

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