Hillary Clinton Email Investigation Designed To Be A Great Waste Of America’s Time

In a Monday night segment of the PBS NewsHour, a part of the discussion over the latest news on the Hillary Clinton email investigation was about how often the issue would be brought up. That part begins at 6:17 in the video below.

Clearly there was some frustration over Hillary Clinton’s email scandal from all sides, in particular because it’s a constant issue and it continues to take a new form every other month, giving the Republican opposition a boost of confidence in place of the fact that they have a dumpster fire as their nominee.

The release of a new batch of emails comes out, and according to the Associated Press‘ analysis, it shows that donors gave money for favors, but there’s a consensus that there’s nothing to see and that those critical of Clinton will have something from which to form a myth that she did something wrong.

The release of at least one batch of documents related to the Hillary Clinton email investigation is also part of a side war between the administration and congressional Republicans over the interview between Hillary Clinton and the FBI, which the Republicans are demanding so that they won’t interject or twist the narrative for their own means.

Hillary Clinton keeps taking on the scandals
Trey Gowdy made an appearance on Fox News’ The Kelly File, to “breakdown” the recent documents released by the F.B.I and attempted to criminalize Hillary Clinton again. This image is of him discussing the final report on his Benghazi investigation. [Image by J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo]
At the bottom, the issue is really about how a casual look at this email scandal is a test of one’s moral foundation from different angles.

If we go to the beginning of this, we can start with the Benghazi “plot,” which resulted in the death of ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, Officer Sean Smith, and two other Americans while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. That’s on “her watch,” which becomes a scandal that only requires a certain tone be implied for people to want to ask more. It’s a lure into a world of right-wing conservative conspiracies that will take advantage of the part in people that wonder if there is in fact a reason to feel that, by supporting Clinton, their own morals are in question.

Email is the one fully-established form of communication that even the most secretive organization relies on today.

Hillary Clinton takes hits from all sides during this election year
Hillary Clinton’s email investigation has been exhausted and really, exhausting to read, see and hear about in the regular news cycle. Common sense says that there’s nothing to find and there’s every reason to believe that now. [Image by Matt Rourke/AP Photo]
So why not pry into them and assemble some documented proof through Hillary Clinton’s emails to show that she does not care about the death of American government officials? This is character assassination in the public arena, for all to see; clearly to cause issues with her gaining access to the White House.

The issue is more complex given the fact that she stored her emails on her server at home, which has recently been stirred up again with former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who according to recent reports told Hillary Clinton that he had an America OnLine (AOL) account, which has recently been debated as to whether it’s the same thing as having an email server at home

The fact is that it doesn’t really matter. The context developed only exists under the idea that she did something wrong, and yet one has to leave it to the Republicans to tell them what that wrongdoing is.

The Hillary Clinton email investigation, when inactive, depends on Republicans producing a huge question mark in the public mindset to allow people who are willing to turn her into a “criminal” to take such liberties.

[Image by Ted S. Warren/AP Photo]

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