Prince’s Paisley Park Tickets: $38.50 Tour Tickets Go On Sale Friday

Prince’s Paisley Park home and recording studio is such a popular and pivotal place that the late singer and recording artist’s home is being opened to the world. Prince even had a song named “Paisley Park,” with lyrics that sang about the magic of Paisley Park. Now Prince fans will get to see and tour Paisley Park up close and personally, just like Elvis fans are able to tour Graceland, as well as marvel over the late singer’s items.

prince [Photo by Adam M. Bettcher/AP Images]According to the Official Paisley Park website and the Associated Press, Paisley Park tour tickets will go on sale on Friday, August 26, at 3:00 p.m. Eastern/2:00 p.m. Central. Whereas standard tickets will be priced at $38.50, VIP tour tickets will cost $100 and up.

The Paisley Park tours will show fans where Prince created many of his most popular songs, as well as Prince’s soundstage, along with many of Prince’s personal artifacts. The tours will last just over an hour — about 70 minutes each. There could be as many as 2,000 fans touring Paisley Park on a daily basis, during their most popular days.

The Paisley Park tours official site — located at — tells those that sign up for email updates that more information will follow. Fans won’t be able to walk up to Paisley Park and buy their tickets there.

Paisley Park will open to the public for daily tours beginning Thursday, October 6. Bremer Trust announced the Paisley Park tours on Wednesday. The Paisley Park tours will be run by Graceland Holdings.

As seen in the above photo, Prince debuted his “Emancipation” album at his Paisley Park studio in Channhassen, Minnesota, on Tuesday, November 12, 1996. That Paisley Park concert was streamed live.

prince [Photo by Liu Heung Shing/AP Images]As noted by Google Play Music, Prince called Paisley Park a place that everyone could find in their own hearts.

However, the physical Paisley Park home of Prince is expected to draw millions of Prince fans, according to the company behind the Paisley Park tours.

paisley park [Photo by Amy Sancetta/AP Images]It won’t be the first time that Prince fans have been allowed to enter Prince’s Paisley Park home, which is a 65,000-square-foot complex.

According to the AP, Prince let his fans inside Paisley Park Studios on October 24, 2015. Each person had to pay $10 in order to get inside of Prince’s late-night gig that night, which lasted until 3 a.m.

Eerily, Prince fans will also be inside the same Paisley Park home where Prince died inside an elevator. Toxicology reports uncovered that Prince’s death was due to an accidental overdose of the painkiller fentanyl. His body was discovered in Paisley Park on April 21.

prince [Photo by George De Sota/Liaison/Getty Images]Previous tours included a seven-day Paisley Park festival, held in June of 2000.

The 57-year-old Prince did not leave a will.

In the meantime, Prince’s fans are rejoicing at the news that Paisley Park will soon be open to tour as a museum. A sample of reactions from social media to the news about Paisley Park tickets going on sale can be seen in the below comments.

“Tickets 2 tour go on sale this week 4 tours starting Oct. I’m gonna give it about a yr to calm down & then I’m going .”

“I am so there!”

“Paisley Park here I come…. “

“They’re making Paisley Park into a museum (as they should) and it’s going to open in October already. I can’t wait!”

“As much as I love Prince I doubt I’d go to Paisley Park. I’ve been to Graceland 5x but Memphis is full of cool stuff. What’s in Minnesota??”

“In accordance with Prince’s dietary preferences, the food offered at Paisley Park is expected to be vegetarian.”

[Photo by Mario Suriani/AP Images]