Kardashian Kopy? Kim Kardashian Fools Paparazzi On Mexican Vacation, Has Look-Alike Pal Trick Them In Nude Bikini

Kim Kardashian got the paparazzi good this time. The reality star fooled the photographers following her on her Mexican vacation to follow her look-alike pal who pretended to be Kim instead, showing off her similarly over-the-top curves in a nude bikini on the beach. Too bad for the paps, it was not Kim.

The real Kim Kardashian has been photographed enjoying herself at friend’s, Joe Francis, estate in Punta Mita, Mexico.

Kardashian has been flaunting her hard-earned new body after working to shed the extra pounds after giving birth to her second child, Saint.

The 35-year-old reportedly used a look-alike friend to fool paparazzi into following her around. The friend even wore a nude bikini that was a striking resemblance to a bathing suit that Kim had worn earlier that same week.

Kim Kardashian escaped fro the cameras for the day while her friend hung around the Punta Mita resort.

The mother of two had been previously snapped hanging on the beach with son, Saint West. On Saturday, it seemed like she wanted a break from the cameras, and why not have some fun while she was at it?

Here is the official report via TMZ.

“Kim Kardashian punk’d the paparazzi Saturday by rolling out a carbon copy so she could go about her business. Kim’s staying at Joe Francis’ ridiculously amazing estate in Punta Mita, and apparently felt like going unnoticed, so her friend who looks kinda-sorta like her from a distance put on Kim’s bikini and did her thing for the cameras. Paps fell for it hook, line and sinker.”

Kim took no breaks from taking photographs of herself, however. The starlet posed on the beach for a selfie in a white cutout one-piece bathing suit.

In a recent interview, Kim opened up about her love for nude photos.

Kim’s look-alike had long, black tresses similar to Kim’s. It is not hard to see how the woman was mistaken for the E! reality star.

The look-alike was seen spotted relaxing by the pool in her nude bikini with Kim’s assistant, Steph Shep.


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Kim has been sharing some provocative Snapchats from her account this week while she is on her Mexican vacation. With Kanye nowhere in sight, Kim enjoys some girl time and flaunts her famous booty.


Kim’s doppelgänger accessorized with a pair of over-sized sunglasses to cover her face while she sunbathed at the resort.

The impersonator definitely succeeded in distracting the paparazzi, who snapped quite a few pictures of her.

Much like the reality star, the look-alike was also photographed glued to her smartphone by the pool via Daily Mail.

Kim didn’t keep the cameras off of herself for long. Kim shocked people once again when she stepped out in a sheer, black, long-sleeve crop-top with no bra on. Needless to say, her lady bits were out on display for the world to see. She paired this top with what appeared to be high-waist Supreme underwear or bathing suit bottoms.

Kardashian was seen posing on her knees on the grass outside one of the larger villas in the exclusive Aramara community. Kim Kardashian and the rest of her famed family have been vacationing at this spot for years.

[Photo by Omar Vega/AP Images]