Nicki Minaj To Get Her Own Reality Show?

Nicki Minaj and the reality television genre seem perfectly made for each other. The singer’s exuberant stage persona and sexualised songs have made her one of the most popular artists of the new millenium.

And now it seems like these two worlds are finally going to combine on a new E! reality tv show that will revolve around the blonde haired pop star. In fact, she has already started to film it.

Minaj, who recently received death threats after fans believed she endorsed Mitt Romney for President in coded lyrics, began filming earlier this week, and sources have revealed that “Nicki’s life on camera will blow away all other previous stars.”

It comes on the back of an exceptionally busy month for Nicki, who has also confirmed that she will appear as a judge on American Idol, a show that she labelled “credible.” Seems a bit over the top.

“This is such a credible brand. It’s really serious, it’s real deal it’s not anything else other than really looking for talent. If I can be a part of that I’m really down for it.” She’s also revealed that she’s been an avid fan of the series from its opening episodes and she will be paired alongside fellow judge, country singer Keith Urban, when it returns in January for it’s 12 endeavor.

Mariah Carey and the show’s judging stalwart Randy Jackson will complete the line-up, Jackson being the sole survivor of American Idols eleven previous seasons. I don’t know whether to doth my cap or feel really sorry for him.