Former Number One Pick Eying NBA Return

Going No. 1 overall in the 2001 NBA Draft, Kwame Brown was taken by the Washington Wizards. Brown was initially committed to the University of Florida, but then declared for the draft.

When taken by the Wizards, Brown became the first player selected out of high school taken number one overall.

The hype and expectations in Brown’s rookie year seemed to be too much for him. Brown only averaged 4.5 points per game and 3.5 rebounds with Washington in his rookie year.

A former number one overall pick, Kwame Brown was taken by the Wizards in 2001. After being the first drafted by the Wizards in 2001, Kwame Brown became the first player taken number one overall directly out of college [Photo by Al Bello/ Getty Images].Even though he didn’t really have an ideal rookie season, the Wizards believed in Brown’s potential as a player. So in his second year, Brown saw more action on the court. In his sophomore season, he averaged 7.4 points per game and 5.3 rebounds per game and continued to improve statistically in his first three years.

After his third season, Brown rejected a contract offer by Washington in favor of testing the NBA free agent market.

In his fourth season, Brown was injured and missed 42 games.

Brown also was marred by a lack of maturity in his rookie year and didn’t seem to grow in his four years with Washington. As his third season was coming to an end, Brown began feuding with teammates and his coach as well.

Finally, the Wizards had seen enough of Brown and traded him to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Brown lasted with the Lakers for three years, and bounced around with six other teams. After Kwame Brown injured his hamstring while playing with his last NBA team, the Philadelphia 76ers during February of the 2012-2013 NBA season, the 34-year-old center hasn’t seen NBA action since.

Now, it looks like the former draft bust is looking to make an NBA comeback.

This year, the NBA increased the salary cap for all teams.

What does that mean? It means that older players, like Brown and former NBA superstars, like Ray Allen, can join super teams and chase rings.

But the question remains, what can the veteran big man bring to a team?

FoxSports says that “Brown has signed with a new agency, and is hoping to latch on to a team and throw down some ‘devastating dunks’ next season.”

Former NBA number one overall pick Kwame Brown is looking to possibly come back. Brown, a former number one overall pick, played with eight NBA teams and now is looking for a possible comeback at 34 years old [Photo by Mike Ehrmann/ Getty Images].Interperformances, the new agency that Brown has signed with, posted this in their recent news on August 22nd,

“Interperformances is proud to announce that the NBA star Kwame Brown decided to sign with our agency. The #1 overall pick of the 2001 draft is ready for a new life. His comeback can be the road to glory for a team that believes in him. Kwame is back, physically healthy and ready to be the outstanding player he was on several NBA teams. A great intimidator that can block shots, rebound consistently and explode in devastating dunks. No longer the young man that entered the NBA, Kwame is now an experienced and mature player and man. And he’s back, for the love of the game.” believes that based on the agency that he has signed with, if Kwame Brown doesn’t sign with an NBA team, then he will more than likely sign with a team overseas.

Dillon Regan from reports that a return to the NBA may not be realistic for Brown, so he will need to look other places like overseas.

Reagan credits international reporter David Pick, who says that Kwame Brown is looking for a contract overseas around $300,000.

It will be interesting to see if the former number one overall pick receives any offers from NBA teams, or will have to look to overseas in order to get back on a court.

[Photo by Al Bello/ Getty Images]