‘Making A Murderer’ Is Just Propaganda Says Lawyer Who Helped Clear Steven Avery

A lawyer who helped overturn Steven Avery’s rape conviction in 2003 condemned Making A Murderer as propaganda in his new tell-all book saying the filmmakers intentionally misled their audience.

In his new book Indefensible: The Missing Truth about Steven Avery, Teresa Halbach and ‘Making a Murderer’, author Michael Griesbach slams the makers of the docuseries saying they “manipulate and distort the truth,” according to TheWrap.

“It’s an engrossing show or series and it’s very well done. What I don’t have respect for is presenting something as objective and claiming its objectivity while clearly knowing it isn’t.”

Griesbach says Avery did receive a fair trial after being accused of murdering Halbach in 2005, but Making A Murderer filmmakers distorted the truth even though he gave them his unbiased opinion during production.

The lawyer, who analyzed the hair evidence in Manitowoc in 2003 that would later exonerate Avery of the 1985 rape, was also dispatched to work the salvage yard crime scene after Halbach’s car was found there.

After watching Making A Murderer for the first time, he took three months off of work to conduct research and write his tell-all book about what he says happened in the case.

The lawyer who helped free Steven Avery now works for the Wisconsin Innocence Project, said he reviewed the evidence in detail, compared it with the show and found the docuseries to be intentionally misleading, reports SheKnows.

“[Making A Murderer] “was an instance of selective editing that would make any propagandist proud.”


Griesbach compared the account of Sgt. Andrew Colborn’s testimony in Making A Murderer to the court transcript and found significant differences that show filmmakers spliced his words to “manipulate the truth,” according to theT Wrap.

“First, portions of Colborn’s actual trial testimony were removed from the documentary to make it appear he answered a question in the affirmative that he never answered at all.”

The lawyer who helped clear Avery says the show was edited to make it seem like Manitowoc County officials planted Halbach’s key in his room, according to the TWrap.

“Second, a question that would have helped explain his side of the story to the viewers is never heard.”


Later, he writes about the blood vial, which Avery’s lawyers say was tampered with because of a hole in the rubber stopper; Griesbach says that piece of evidence wasn’t as important as filmmakers made it seem.

He also writes that Making A Murderer filmmakers turned Brendan Dassey’s brother, Bobby Dassey, and his stepfather, Scott Tadych, into suspects when they were just innocent bystanders, according to SheKnows.

“By carefully editing court testimony, the makers of Making A Murderer made them into murderers, at least in the eyes of some viewers.”

Griesbach’s new book Indefensible: The Missing Truth about Steven Avery, Teresa Halbach and ‘Making a Murderer’ will hit stores Aug. 30.

Meanwhile, the docuseries Making A Murderer will see a second season with filmmakers promising to dive into post-conviction law and examine other possible suspects in the murder of Teresa Halbach.

Avery’s new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner, says she found evidence that could point to a new suspect and exonerate Steven from any wrongdoing; she also plans to call for new tests that weren’t available at the time of the original trial.

Brendan Dassey’s conviction was recently overturned, and Halbach’s family has 90 days to file an appeal. For now, Dassey has laid plans to attend WWE’s WrestleMania when he’s released from prison.

The porn site xHamster decided to set Dassey up on the dream trip of a lifetime after a petition on Change.org gathered more than 2,000 signatures.

Do you think Steven Avery is guilty or innocent of charges he murdered Teresa Halbach?

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