‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: James Asks Natalie Her ‘Number,’ Nicole And Corey Fly Under Radar, Victor Continues To Clean

Big Brother 18 has slowed down quite a bit since Paulie Calafiore was evicted last Thursday night. Tonight’s show will feature the Power of Veto competition. Paul and Victor have been fighting for their lives in the BB house, with Paul pulling out the POV victory in the end. It is certain that tomorrow’s live eviction will send Victor packing, but a jury battle-back will give him a third chance to remain in the game.

Without much drama, the houseguests have been finding ways to entertain themselves in the Big Brother house. James and Natalie are in a showmance, but it seems one-sided from the outside looking in. The two decided to have a talk about past sexual experiences late last night, with the conversation being aired on the BB live feeds.

According to Jokers Updates, James came right out and asked Natalie how many men she has slept with. Surprisingly, she didn’t waste any time answering him. The Jersey girl has reportedly slept with four guys in her life, all of which she claimed to love. Fans are stunned that James would consider asking her something like this while on camera and even more concerned that she would openly divulge the information.

There has been a lot of changing opinions about the Big Brother houseguests this season. The ones who were shining at the beginning seem to have become the despised at this point in the game. James was voted America’s Favorite Player during his initial season, and now he isn’t even likeable. His pranks have left fans disgusted and feeling sorry for Victor. He is the only one cleaning the house, which seems to be in constant disarray.

James has been very vocal about his intentions to see the showmance through with Natalie and possibly have something happen outside of the BB house. There have been some questions about her intentions with him, especially since she initially tried to hook up with Paulie and Victor before settling on James.

As the Season 18 finale approaches in just a few weeks, there is still plenty of game left to play. James and Natalie have been floating through the Big Brother game solely on the fact that he is a veteran player and liked by America. That has changed significantly since his appearance this time around. What fans once loved about him has become annoying and less than entertaining. It seems that Paul and Victor are the favorites to win the BB game this year and also America’s Favorite Player.

The Head of Household competition tomorrow night is going to be a game-changer. If one of the returning jury members win, it could be game over for James and Natalie. Nicole and Corey have been laying low all week while trying to fly below the radar. James is going to stand out like a sore thumb when it comes time to do nominations on Friday, and the only way he will survive another week is to win the HOH or POV competitions. During one of the conversations overnight, he admitted to throwing all the competitions, including OTEV. This should have sent red flags up to the houseguests engaging in conversation with him.

A lot of game is still left for the Big Brother houseguests, but only one will be able to take home the prize. James and Natalie believe they will make it all the way to the end, while fans are doubting that possibility. Corey and Nicole have tried to remain out of sight, Michelle is on her own, and Victor or Paul will be left without the other once someone goes to the jury. Seven players remain, with one returning juror coming in after the eviction. Things are going to get tense from here on Big Brother, and it will catch up to everyone.

[Image via CBS]