‘Outlander’ Season 3 Spoilers: Major Changes And Challenges In Jamie And Claire’s Relationship

Krista Clark - Author

Aug. 24 2016, Updated 8:41 a.m. ET

While Outlander fans await news on when Season 3 will begin, bits of news about what we can expect have begun slipping out, including recent news that filming has begun! We have also heard that the new episodes will come to our screens sooner than last year’s April premiere. No firm date yet, but at least we know it will be before April.

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In recent interviews, Outlander’s Sam Heughan and showrunner Ronald D. Moore have also indicated that Season 3 will be much different from the previous two seasons. Many are the result of a 20-year gap between the end of Season 2 of Outlander, when Claire left Jamie just before the Battle of Culloden and when she returns to the love of her life. Others reflect the Outlander book series upon which the Starz show is based. It’s all fascinating and sure to make great TV.

At the end of Outlander Season 2, Claire learned that Jamie did not die in the Battle of Culloden and decided that she must go back to him. She will return in Season 3, but it will be 20 years later than when she left. That means, of course, that Jamie is 20 years older. Sam Heughan joked about the appearance of Jamie when he’s 20 years older in Season 3 of Outlander in a tweet earlier this week.

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But that’s only the beginning of many changes we’ll see.

In an interview with Vulture, Heughan stressed what a difference we’ll see in the next season of Outlander.

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“It’s going to be a completely different show. Next year’s stuff is probably the most interesting, in a way. We’ve been setting it up, setting the stage, introducing these characters, and now it goes into new, different worlds.”

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Showrunner Ronald D. Moore has also indicated that things will be much different this season. He told RadioTimes that, for one, Outlander will include lots of travel by ship this season.

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“… the story of season 3 will start in Scotland. Then there’s a sea voyage involved in the 18th century, an extended journey across the Atlantic, and then the story goes to Jamaica and the Caribbean and ending up in the New World.”

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Given the nature of the story in the books upon which the Starz show is based, the Outlander show has some unique challenges.

As Moore said, “Normally by the third and fourth season of a show it’s basically a machine – this is the police station, this is an apartment, this is the bridge of the Enterprise – you’re familiar with using those sets. But with this it’s like you’re doing a whole new series every year.”

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Now, for possibly the most interesting development we’ll see in Season 3 of Outlander. Fans of the books already know it’s coming, but it will be a surprise, and I dare say a shock, to those who have not read the books.

Warning: There are possible spoilers ahead!

In the next round of episodes, Outlander will give us some new characters. One of them is Lord John Grey, one of the most popular characters in the book series. The International Business Times reports that when Outlander returns Claire to Jamie, she will learn that there is a romantic relationship between Jamie and Lord Grey. Rumor has it that Outlander will include an on-screen kiss between the two.

In Season 3 of Outlander, Claire will also learn that Jamie has been involved in some illegal activities over the last 20 years. No details on what that is yet. As if that isn’t enough, she’ll also learn that Jamie was married for a while to someone we saw in earlier seasons of Outlander — Laoghaire. Oh boy. This isn’t going to be good. But surely they’ll work through it. They may even find themselves closer than ever once they put it all behind them.

Check out a recent interview with Catriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, and Tobias Menzies below.


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