Three-Year-Old Boy Dies Of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome After Telling Mum ‘Goodnight, I Love You’

A 23-year-old mother from Somerset is in a state of deep grief since her three-year-old son died from sudden infant syndrome on the night of August 11.

Jasmine Shortland revealed the last words of her son, Bryan-Andrew Lock, before he died, which are: “Goodnight – I love you”

“I just can’t believe he’s gone,” she said.

Jasmine said that she is devastated by the death of her eldest son but is trying to keep her emotions in check for the sake of her young family and partner Josh Westcott, 20.

As reported by Mirror, Shortland recounted the night a couple of weeks ago (August 11) when she put her “bright and smiling” son to bed at her mother’s house.

Bryan, along with his brother Austin, who’s nearly two, had been staying at their grandmother’s house for a few days because of mumps-like symptoms. Worried over the possibility of Bryan-Andrew infecting his four-month-old brother Ivan, Shortland decided to make him stay at his grandmother’s house for the time being.

Before she dropped Bryan-Andrew off to her mother’s home, he said, “I’m not very well mummy.”

“I know. I will see you soon when you’re better,” Jasmine told Bryan-Andrew.

Jasmine said that she was able to talk with Bryan over the phone the night before he died. Bryant told her mom “Goodnight – I love you” before the call ended.

Bryan-Andrew woke up at around 3 am to ask his grandmother for a drink of juice. Before going back to sleep, Bryan-Andrew said to his grandmother, “Goodnight Nanny, I love you.” The boy seemed fine and content before he nodded off.

Little did Debbie know that Bryan had already said his last words.

“About 8.15am we were awoken by a loud banging on the front door,” she said.

“It was my step dad David. He was crying, he said ‘Bryan’s gone’.

“I just fell on the floor screaming and crying.”

“The next morning mum told me she heard Austin had woken up and she thought that was strange because Bryan always woke up first,” Shortland recalled.

“She went in the bedroom and she could see he’d gone.

“She screamed to David and he rushed in and started doing everything he could.

“He was trying to do mouth-to-mouth, but Bryan’s little jaw had locked.”

Debbie dialled 999 for help. After a few minutes, the paramedics arrived.

When they rushed Bryan to the hospital, it was apparent that his heart had already stopped beating.

The medical staff from Yeovil Hospital tried to save the life of the three-year-old boy, but by then it was already far too late.

Shortland said that she and Josh are living every parent’s worst nightmare.

“I just broke down when they told us he’d gone,” Bryan’s mom said.

“Josh and I collapsed on the floor and I was just screaming.

“You just can’t explain to people what it feels like – I have to go on because of the other two, but it’s like a huge hole where something’s missing.”

Since Bryan-Andrew’s death, Shortland and her family have been trying to cope with grief while planning for the funeral, which is scheduled for September 1.

Shortland told Somerset Live that the East Somerset Coroner has been investigating her son’s death and that it would take some time before they can get more information.

“Our families have been amazing – both my mum and dad, and Josh’s parents, Annette and Mark Westcott have treated Bryan-Andrew like he was their own grandson – they’ve been wonderful.”

“Bryan-Andrew and Austin are not Josh’s but he’s always been like a real father to them.

“He and Bryan-Andrew were just so close.”

In speaking with Somerset Live, Shortland spoke of his son’s “bright and clever” nature.

“He was so cute – It didn’t matter if he’d never met you – he had a lovely smile for everyone.

“He loved his dinosaurs and animals of all kinds – he’d play for hours, arranging them from the biggest to the smallest.”

Josh Westcott lovingly spoke of little Bryan, describing him as a “mysterious” boy who had a fascination for the world around him.

The grief-stricken couple set up a gofundme page to raise funds that would help them give little Bryan “a send off he deserves.”

[Image via Jasmine Shortland/Facebook]

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