Police Reveal Shocking New Details About Face-Biting FSU Teen – Missing Pants And Guzzled Chemicals From Victims’ Garage

The tale of the Florida State University student who is accused of killing a Florida couple on August 15 and was found biting and eating the male victim’s face is only getting stranger as more details emerge about the case. Investigators have now revealed that the deceased man also had parts of his abdomen eaten, while the suspect had human flesh in his mouth and even dared officers to test him for drugs.

International Business Times shared a report which states that when 19-year-old Austin Harrouff was arrested for murder by the police and taken into custody after face-biting his victim, he continued to shock officials by daring them to test him for drugs.

Martin County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Trisha Kukuva relayed that when they got him to the hospital the teenager said, “Test me. You won’t find any drugs.”

When the Inquisitr first reported on the bizarre and shocking face-eating incident, Martin County Sheriff William Snyder had said that he was quite certain Harouff had been on some sort of drug, possibly flakka, when he stabbed John Joseph Stevens III, 59, and his 53-year-old wife, Michelle Karen Mishcon, to death and was biting on Steven’s face when caught.

The FSU sophomore had been spending his summer break visiting his family when he snapped and killed the couple, also stabbing a third man who had tried to help the murdered duo during the teenager’s attack. The family had been at a restaurant that night when the teenager complained of poor service and stormed off. His mother states that he had been acting strangely in the last two weeks, stating that he had super powers and had been sent to protect the people on earth.

It was a three-mile walk to where the couple were sitting in their garage before Harouff attacked them, stabbing both husband and wife before eating the man’s face and abdomen. He was also not wearing pants during the attack, and deputies found the teen’s shorts some distance away from the scene of the crime along with a trail of blood. The sheriff says that large amounts of blood were discovered in the garage, driveway, and a car that was outside.

Sheriff Snyder told the media that this is the most violent and vicious crime he has ever processed.

“This is so difficult for all of us to process, to all of us, none of this makes sense. There’s just not one thing in this case that seems to make sense. I have never seen a scene that had this much savagery and this much violence, ever. He was biting the victim in the face area and the abdomen area, and we did recover some remnants of human tissue from his mouth.”

One of the reasons why the police believe that the face-biting and murders are the result of some sort of drug, particularly flakka, is that it took numerous officers, Tasers, and a K-9 unit to finally get the FSU student to stop eating the man’s face. He has already tested negative for marijuana, cocaine, and heroin.

A week after the attack, Harouff remains sedated and in need of a breathing tube in a Palm Beach County hospital, with the possibility that he may be gravely injured due to the force it took the police officers to remove him from the dead man whose face he had been biting. According to the Miami Herald, doctors from the hospital believe that the FSU student may have consumed some of the chemicals from the garage of the couple he murdered. This speculation is based on the bodily fluids they are finding in his system.

When the FSU student does get released from the hospital, he will be facing charges of two counts of first-degree murder, attempted murder, armed burglary, and resisting arrest without violence.

The police have also said that it is very hard to determine who was killed first, and the extreme carnage left in the garage and done to the bodies has made it difficult to determine which weapons were used in the gruesome attack. The husband is believed to have fought back in the attack.

The autopsy report does show that Michelle was beaten to death, while John was stabbed and beaten. A switchblade Harrouff carried with him and a broken handle of a vodka bottle are believed to have been involved.

Authorities are still waiting on the toxicology results from the FBI tests for other dangerous substances like the synthetic drug flakka or bath salts, both of which have been known to cause bizarre and violent outbursts.

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