Obama Beating Romney In Halloween Mask Sales, May Predict Election Outcome

It seems that Barack Obama is beating Mitt Romney in more than just political polls, as BuyCostumes.com and Spirit Halloween Store’s sales records show Obama masks are far more popular than those of his Republican opponent.

In the world of Halloween, there are popular costumes like superheros, ladybugs, faeries, and vampires, but there are also politician masks, including those of the President and his Republican challenger, reports ABC News.

Not only have they produced a graphic that shows the President’s popularity when it comes to rubber masks, but both websites claim that their mask sales will predict the outcome of the November election. BuyCostumes mask sales have accurately predicted the past three elections, while Spirit’s mask sales have been correct for the past four.

So far this year, Barack Obama’s rubber face is over 30 percent more popular than Mitt Romney at both stores, who are popular seasonal retailers, according to The Huffington Post.

While skeptics might say that the costume poll is a silly way to predict the election, and that the two stores are simply trying to advertise their products, the fact that both stores’ sales have correctly predicted the outcome of the last three elections (four for Spirit) is not easy to brush off.

Spirit Halloween company CEO and president Steven Silverstein stated, “Our presidential index has proven to be a consistent and accurate predictor of the next president for nearly two decades.”

For example, Spirit’s figures have shown that Bill Clinton outsold Bob Dole masks 71 percent to 29 percent. George W. Bush masks outsold those of Al Gore 57 percent to 43. Bush then outsold John Kerry’s rubber likeness 65 percent to 35. As for 2008? Obama’s mask sales beat John McCain’s 60 percent to 40.

As for this year’s sales, BuyCostumes.com shows that Obama is beating Romney by 30 percentage points, while Spirit Halloween shows Obama mask sales at 69 percent, versus 31 percent for Romney.

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