Kendall Jenner, Asap Rocky Dating: Caitlyn Jenner Approves Of ‘KUWTK’ Romance After Meeting Rapper

Kendall Jenner has received the thumbs up from Caitlyn Jenner to go ahead and date rapper Asap Rocky, it has been claimed.

According to Hollywood Life, the “Goldie” hitmaker recently met up with the former Olympic athlete, stressing how important it was to have Caitlyn on his side if he was really going to commit himself to a full-blown relationship with her daughter.

Sources for the outlet allege that Asap Rocky’s kindness and classy mannerisms took Jenner by surprise; she’s not often introduced to Kendall Jenner’s boyfriends, so the fact that the 27-year-old would go out of his way and introduce himself to Caitlyn was received rather well.

“Kendall [Jenner] brings out the gentlemen in Rakim,” a source reveals, addressing Asap by his real name. “He goes the extra mile to impress her and exudes chivalry isn’t dead by asking Caitlyn [Jenner] for her permission to date Kendall.”

As the insider already mentions, Asap Rocky is trying harder than previous of her boyfriends to impress Kendall Jenner. He wants her to see just how much he loves her, and that he wouldn’t have made the effort to speak with her father if he wasn’t serious about taking their relationship to the next level. He wants the entire family to know that they’re in love.

Hollywood Life continues by saying that Asap and Caitlyn had a rather lengthy chat about Kendall and what an amazing woman she is. Jenner wants nothing but the best for his daughter, so the idea of Kendall dating has often left the TV personality on the fence, but this time around, he’s totally accepting the romance and thinks it’s genuine.

“Rakim and Cait had a conversation where Rakim introduced himself and told Cait a rundown of his life story, and his intentions with Kendall. Cait was very impressed and gave him the thumbs up to see her daughter,” the source continued, adding that Jenner is convinced Asap Rocky is the one for the supermodel.

“Kendall had no idea Rakim did that until Caitlyn told her and was gushing to Kendall about how appropriate and respectful it was. Cait told Kendall Rakim reminded her of actor Sidney Poitier. Kendall asked ‘Who’s that?’ Cait told her he’s one of the most refined men that’s ever lived.”

The news comes just one week after Kendall Jenner was announced to grace the cover of Vogue magazine’s September issue. In her interview, the 20-year-old admits that she hasn’t had a boyfriend in two years, Sugarscape shares, which many people thought was her referring to Harry Styles, who she briefly dated for a couple of months.

This would mean that Asap is Kendall’s first boyfriend since ending things with the One Direction member in 2014.

One of the reasons why fans seem to think the twosome make the perfect couple would be to their connections in the fashion industry. Asap has been modeling for several designer brands as of late, aside from having a rather hectic rap career, while Kendall evidently happens to make a living modeling for the likes of Versace and Chanel.

They’ve connected on a level that concerns fashion, hard work, and their personal lives, giving Kendall Jenner all the more reason to at least try and see if the relationship with the “Phoenix” rapper stands a chance.

[Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Yeezy Season 3]