Lorena Barrera: Woman Trying To Take Selfie Trips Over Her Flip-Flops, Falls 100 Feet From Cliff [Video]

Lorena Barrera, a young woman who had just recently moved from Reno, Nevada, to Los Angeles to start a new life died after falling 100 feet down from a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, the New York Daily News is reporting. Lorena Barrera was trying to take a selfie on the San Pedro cliff but ended up tragically tripping over her flip-flops and plummeting to her death.

The 21-year-old was sightseeing with friends at Point Fermin Park, a trendy destination for visitors because it offered an attractive view of the expansive coast.


According to investigators, Barrera had scaled a three-foot fence meant to keep people from the cliff edge in a bid to get a great view and take a picture with the Indian Ocean in the background. Unfortunately, she tripped and fell on the jagged rocks below; her friends said her flip-flops made her lose her footing. Lorena’s friends had attempted to grab her from falling down, but could not hold on to her.

Lorena Barrera scaled a fence to take a picture. [Photo by iStock]

Andres Juarez, a resident in the area, warned that visitors needed to be wary of the slippery cliff.

“These places are not stable. You have to be careful wherever you go especially if you’re just trying to get a good view.”

Cecil Reynolds, another local resident, agreed with Juarez, warning that the San Pedro cliff was notorious for its steepness.

“It happens all the time over here, left and right, to a lot of young people. The railing here—tells you don’t go over and try to take pictures. A lot of people take chances—consequences end up like this.”

Firefighters and police officers arrived at the scene Friday around 2 p.m. to recover her body. Brian Humphrey, Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman, confirmed that a young woman was found dead at the base of the cliff after an “apparent fall.”


When the tragic accident occurred, Lorena Barrera’s friends had darted to a nearby bus stop and asked the driver to call emergency services. The driver revealed that the women were heartbroken and felt guilty because they could not save their friend.

The San Pedro cliff is a beacon of attraction for many people, including model plane enthusiasts, photographers, wedding planners, and people looking for an adventure. However, with its charm comes a deadly history as well. Fire officers say an estimate of one person every month falls to their death.

Some of these cases have been accidental deaths, others have been suicides. Locals have recalled young people playing a deadly game of life and death, standing at the edge of the cliff and seeing if they would topple over during strong winds.

In 1996, two teenage girls had jumped from the cliff with their wrists bound together. In 2007, the body of USC kicker Mario Danelo was found at the base of the cliff.

In 2013, a 10-year-old girl suffered a severe head injury after losing her footing. She had breached the fencing alongside her mother and gained entry into an area known as Sunken City. They both were walking the cliffside when the little girl fell about 50 feet below.

Los Angeles Police Sgt. Steven Muirhead could not fathom why people would risk their lives in such a manner, adding, “Somebody decided it was a good idea to go to Sunken City. Most who fall, don’t survive.”

In 2015, a woman jumped to her death from the same cliff.

In early August, the bodies of a man and woman were found strewn on the rocks below. Police believe they accidentally fell.

Local resident Teresa Wood revealed that people will never stop falling to their deaths at Point Fermin because people do not realize the danger of climbing over the wall.

Let’s say a prayer for Lorena Barrera.


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