Is ‘Titanfall 2’ Good? ‘TF2’ Multiplayer Game Reviews Deem Tech-Tested Titan Classes And Weapons As Desirable

TF2 gameplay reviews are in for the Titanfall 2 pre-alpha multiplayer tech test which occurred this past weekend. Testers got a go at it in this action-packed sequel that involved acrobatic, Spider-Man-like maneuvers and the ability to man Titan vehicles of different classes and weapons. There will be six new heavily customized mechs available in the sequel as opposed to TF1’s original three. This doubles the amount of choices making it interesting when it comes to loadouts and gameplay mechanics. According to Inverse, this is what players have been desiring.


Multiplayer Guard Mode, Stim, And Other Additions

An interview with Titanfall 2 game director Steve Fukuda described the Guard Mode of the TF2 game. He said that now a gamer can use all their abilities, according to Shack News.

“Here’s the interesting thing about Guard Mode. They actually now really aggressively and properly use their full panel of abilities, as opposed to before where they tend to use Vortex Shield. This one, if you have Scorch and put him on Guard Mode, he’s going to use the Flame Shield, Thermite Launcher, the canisters, and everything else. That’s one of the big improvements to how that works in multiplayer now.”

Fukuda also spoke of the usage of the TF2 Stim mode. He appreciates the ability to Parkour all over the TF2 map with greater potential. This seems to be a nod to the old Tribes game.

“While all the physical toys and abilities are really exciting, I do like stim. Stim is much faster than in the original game, which lets you just really fly around. It’s really fun.”

Then there is the social aspect of the Titanfall 2 game “Network” that Fukuda finds reminiscent of Counter-strike. This allows for a familiarization of other players in-game.

“But what I’m really excited about is the Networks and the social element of that. It’s the chat window, the IRC, the whole thing. It brings back memories of playing Counter-Strike on a server that I was familiar with and going in there all the time and recognizing the names. It has a sort of “going to a favorite bar” kind of feeling.”

Titanfall And TF2 Comparisons

The release of the first game led to mixed feelings on satisfaction considering it had no single player campaign. A report by Gaming Bolt via the Titanfall website mentions that it focuses on the thought of pilot/Titan interchange.

Titanfall is two games in one that are carefully balanced – agile Pilots and powerful Titans. This led to an interesting narrative question: what is the relationship between a Pilot and a Titan? Where can we go with that? It was from these questions that Titanfall 2‘s single player campaign really began to take shape.”

There seems to be a relationship between man and machine in the Titanfall 2 single player campaign. This is starting to sound awfully like the Pacific Rim flick, does it not? The interesting thing about the relationship between the robot and pilot is the fact that they can talk to each other.

The initial launch of Titanfall also lacked any depth to the multiplayer aspect, but later on more details had been added as the game continued forward.

Enter The Titans

The first Titanfall game mechs were lacking any impact they could have made for the player. In fact, they had great potential in an otherwise oversimplified game. They could have done so much more, but gamers lacked a “personal approach to combat, opting instead to follow the path of speed, damage, or defense,” according to Inverse.

The problem in the first TF2 game is the fact that the loadouts weren’t unique. Though survivability could be achieved via the basic equipment, it left some unsatisfied. It just wasn’t enough.

Now the multiplayer sequel provides two new mechs and they were play tested. These robots alleviated the situation from the previous game.


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Ion Class Titan

If any Titanfall gamers recall the Atlas chassis from the previous game, this is a heavily modified version of that model. It’s all about energy weapons and an equalized component for offensive and defensive actions. The main weapon of the Ion class of Titan is a Splitter rifle and for defense a damage-absorbing vortex shield. Another cunning touch is a tripwire for soldiers who get within the Titan’s vicinity.

The coup de grace of all weapons is a chest piece that charges your core over time via your other abilities. As a result, a huge laser deals catastrophic damage to any incoming drop ships and enemy Titans.

Scorch Class Titan

This is the modified Ogre class of Titan from the original TF game. The primary weapon here is the T-203 Thermite Launcher, an incendiary nightmare that deals damage over time, as well as a shield that can melt away incoming fire and ordnance and a firewall that can lay waste to whatever is in its path. A trap also releases a gas that sets the air on fire, dealing tremendous injury to any Titanfall 2 enemy player in range.


Finally, when the Scorch Class core is fully charged, it releases a cone of fire throwing out the gauntlet of serious damage.

The TF2 tech test alpha also continues from Friday, Aug. 26 – Sunday, Aug. 28. Hopefully more improvements will be made to the Titanfall 2 game come future versions.

[Photo by Jae C. Hong/AP Images]