Teresa Giudice Says She Had Best Intentions With Jacqueline: ‘I’m Disappointed’ With Her

Teresa Giudice was surprised when Jacqueline Laurita showed up at her home with a cup of coffee and a wish to work out their issues. Teresa was in the middle of cleaning and getting used to her living under house arrest, so when Jacqueline showed up to talk, she was taken off guard. Jacqueline invited herself in and revealed that she wanted to work on their friendship. She was ready to start over, and Giudice was thrilled at the idea that they could work things out since they had a rocky past.

According to a new Bravo report, Teresa Giudice thought that they had moved on when Jacqueline invited her and Joe to her house for a dinner with Chris Laurita. While the guys quickly left the women alone, Jacqueline decided to inquire about Teresa’s legal issues even though the settlement was done. It was clear that Giudice didn’t want to talk about her legal issues but Laurita kept pushing. Eventually, Teresa walked out of her home long before the dinner was even ready.

“She saw how uncomfortable I was but just kept going. Then she called my brother. To me, that was crossing a line. Who does that? Then, as you saw, she hit me below the belt with her nasty words. She was mean. For me, that was it. I had to leave. I had to remove myself from her negativity. As I’ve said before, I just want peace. I wasn’t getting any over there,” Teresa Giudice revealed on her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

When Jacqueline invited Giudice over for dinner, it did seem like she had a mission in mind. While Teresa struggled with some legal issues, Jacqueline was also going through some legal issues. Sure, Jacqueline didn’t file for personal bankruptcy and wasn’t charged with fraud, but some reports reveal that she owes thousands of dollars in taxes to the IRS. It sounds like she was trying to downplay her own issues and only focus on Giudice’s legal issues, which she had already paid her dues for.

Even though Teresa Giudice was open to rebuilding their friendship when she went to the dinner, she isn’t sure she’s in a great place anymore. As fans will see on next week’s episode, Laurita and Teresa will get into a huge fight, where Giudice tells Melissa Gorga that she wants to leave to go home, as she doesn’t want to spend any more time with her former friend.

“I really hope that one day Jacqueline and I can rebuild our friendship, but right now, I’m not so sure. I’m disappointed in the way she acted toward me that night. I had the best of intentions going there. But she showed me that she hasn’t changed at all. She was so vicious. It was sad to see her like that, to be honest. Hopefully she will find a way to stop being so negative and to learn to listen better and not make assumptions about things before lashing out. I hope she learns to be more positive,” Teresa Giudice explains on her blog for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Giudice has already been dealing with quite a bit since being released. Teresa started filming The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she had to deal with her husband going away for 41 months just a few months after she returned home, she had to deal with a possible deportation, and Teresa kept hearing rumors about how Joe was cheating on her, according to the Daily Mail. The last thing she probably needed was a friend who was turning her back on her.

What do you think of Teresa Giudice’s comments about Laurita? Do you think she was right in walking out of her co-star’s home?

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