'Alaskan Bush People' Cancelled Due To Joshua's Romance With Producer?

The Brown family of the Alaskan Bush People show on Discovery have no shortage of drama in their lives. It isn't the kind one would expect from people who are portrayed as a family living in the wild. The Alaskan Bush People clan has had to deal with legal issues, health issues, alcohol issues, back stories about family members they haven't spoken to in years, and evidence of not living in the wild most of the time.

Alaskan Bush People fans have been wondering if the show will be renewed. There has been no word from Discovery about the show's future at this point. Cancellation would not be a surprise given charges of the show being fake due to multiple reports of the Alaskan Bush People family living not in the bush but in a hotel most of the time.

Some have suggested it may be cancelled because the eldest Alaskan Bush People son, Matt Brown, is dealing with an alcohol problem right now. It may be best for him to be out of the public eye for a while, and many believe that showing the family dealing with an alcohol problem doesn't fit the image that the show wants to present.

Now, however, there is another reason Alaskan Bush People may be cancelled. Joshua (Bam Bam) is in love with one of the show's producers, and many fans are even speculating that the two are married.


As the Inquisitr previously reported, Alaskan Bush People's Joshua Brown recently spent three weeks in New York City. He wasn't alone, and he wasn't with his family. Joshua spent this time in New York City with Alaskan Bush People producer Allison Kagan. And judging by the looks of it, the two are quite smitten with each other.

On his Facebook fan page, Joshua posted a photo he took of him and Allison together. In the post, which has since been removed he called the Alaskan Bush People producer, "a respecter of danger and my favorite person in the whole world." The same Facebook page also includes a photo of Joshua at a Paul McCartney concert. He has his left arm around the neck of a fan, and there's a ring on his wedding finger.

Many have been wondering how Discovery would work the Alaskan Bush People romance into the show if it returns. It would be difficult to ignore the relationship. It's something that would impact the Alaskan Bush People star's entire life. Especially if the two are married. Now, many are wondering if Discovery decided that it couldn't work around it. As Movie News Guide suggested, maybe Alaskan Bush People is being cancelled, and maybe the new relationship is the reason. Or maybe it's just one more thing that posed a challenge that Discovery didn't want to work around.


Despite all the family drama, Alaskan Bush People is among Discovery's highest rated shows, and their fan base is devoted, loyal, and hoping the Browns will return to the small screen. If, however, a decision was made to exclude Matt and Joshua from future episodes of the hit show, many fans would be upset. It would be a huge change, one that may result in a show that viewers don't find nearly as interesting.

If we do get another season of Alaskan Bush People, it will be interesting to see how the changes in the lives of brothers Matt and Joshua are dealt with on the show. It would be tough to ignore such major developments, but the people who bring us Alaskan Bush People did manage to acknowledge the family's legal issues in a way that didn't cost them any viewers. Maybe they could do it with this as well. In the meantime, we'll wait to hear if Alaskan Bush People is a go for another season or not. No news on when that might be.

[Image via Discovery]