Melissa Gorga Shocked Over ‘RHONJ’ Co-Star: ‘Something Is VERY Off With Jacqueline’

Melissa Gorga decided to come back on The Real Housewives of New Jersey so she could be there for her sister-in-law as she returned home from a year-long stint in prison. Teresa Giudice was released just before Christmas, and Melissa did everything to accommodate her family in her home for the holidays. Even though Melissa and Teresa have not always seen eye-to-eye, they are indeed trying to work things out for the sake of the children and the fact that Joe Giudice is currently serving his time. Giudice was shocked that her former friend, Jacqueline Laurita, was so aggressive and judgmental during a dinner, so when Melissa heard how her husband had been dragged into the drama, she decided to confront Jacqueline.

According to a new Bravo report, Melissa Gorga is now revealing that Laurita isn’t quite herself these days. Gorga can’t quite pinpoint what is wrong with her, but it sounds like Melissa thinks that Jacqueline may be overreacting a bit. During the dinner she had set up with Teresa, it did seem like she wanted her to admit to her wrongdoings and be humiliated by her actions. But Melissa doesn’t appreciate how Laurita had to pull in Joe Gorga to make her case against Gorga’s sister-in-law.

“This was the first argument we’ve really ever had, and I tried very hard to keep my cool. I was pretty straightforward with why I felt she was out of line and to this day I still don’t think she gets it or wants to. When she had her finger in my face, I realized two things: 1) This is NOT the friend I’ve known for years and 2) I have the patience of a saint!” Melissa Gorga writes in her own blog for The Real Housewives of New Jersey, according to Bravo.

Melissa can’t quite figure it out, but she has a feeling that something is wrong with Jacqueline. Laurita has been through a lot of stress with the family’s finances, her son’s autism, and now her daughter moving back home. However, this shouldn’t have anything to do with how she feels about Teresa’s legal issues. And Gorga reveals that her confrontation with Jacqueline is just the beginning.

“Something is VERY off with Jacqueline. There is a lot of animosity from her that has come out of nowhere, and I wish I could say that things get better from here, but as you will soon see this was just the beginning,” Melissa Gorga explains, sharing that she’s clearly standing by her sister-in-law, Teresa, during this mess.

Rather than admit to her aggressive confrontation, Laurita explains in her blog that she was not the one who brought up Joe in their conversation. Teresa decided to bring up her brother, but that doesn’t mean that Jacqueline should have called him. And Melissa Gorga did reveal that she felt betrayed by her friend, as she should have talked to Melissa about it.

“I never felt I needed to go through Melissa to talk to Joe. I felt we were all close enough friends by now that I could pick up the phone to speak to him if I needed to clear something up that he was involved in. It had nothing to do with Melissa. I didn’t want to involve her. The telephone game never works. When I have an issue with someone, I like to go right to the source,” Laurita reveals on her blog for The Real Housewives of New Jersey, according to Bravo.

The previews for next week’s episode do reveal a major blowout between Laurita and Teresa. Do you think Melissa Gorga was right to stand by her sister-in-law?

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