‘Scream Queens’ Season 2 Stars Excited For ‘Chanel-ified’ Outfits And Glitzy Stethoscopes

Scream Queens Season 2 will no longer take place in the glamorous Kappa Kappa Tau House, but viewers will still see the Chanels in their typical fashionable garb. Emma Watson herself confirmed to Access Hollywood that while the Chanels will be in hospital clothes most of the time, this fact won’t stop the characters from being stylish.

“[There are] a lot of the same characters from last season, but we’re now in a hospital setting, so the Chanels’ attire is much different. And then, you’ll see us in doctor outfits, but of course we have to Chanel-ify them so there are a lot of rhinestone stethoscopes.”

For Watson, it’s interesting to see how the Chanels will try to desperately hold on to their style now that they’re all broke.

Emma Roberts Scream Queens teaser

Although she’s clueless if viewers will still see Chanel’s infamous two-storey wardrobe, the Nancy Drew star is confident that her character can pull of “mental hospital chic” outfits.

Chanel Oberlin closet [Image via FOX]Scream Queens Season 2 is now set at an asylum turned into a hospital acquired by Dean Cathy Munsch. She pens a bestselling book and uses her earnings to purchase the property. The FOX show picks up three years after the Season 1 killings. The Chanels have to be checked in to the hospital because they were wrongly blamed for the murders.

Jamie Lee Curtis told Access Hollywood that the cast members are delighted because of the new setting. She said that they loved how Ryan Murphy and his team “felt like they’d said what they had to say with the sorority and that they wanted something new.”

“And, as we’ve started shooting, all of us have said… we’d be so bored if we were back at Kappa House. So I do feel like this is a really smart, interesting, very clever idea of changing up the location, even though the characters are the same. So bringing in a couple doctors has been very fun.”

The show didn’t earn recognition from Emmy but Murphy opted to broaden Scream Queens because it was a hit on Hulu and the DVR. He told the Hollywood Reporter that they fancied the idea of a hospital-based horror show where they can present peculiar medical cases.

Dean Munsch’s hospital will be renowned for taking in mysterious cases that typical hospitals have shied away from. Viewers will also see new faces in Scream Queens Season 2, and Murphy has nothing but praises for the new characters.

“With that you also have stunt casting opportunities galore — opportunities to go after great comedic actors like Cecily Strong from Saturday Night Live, who I think is f—ing brilliant in our first episode. The casting of John Stamos, an old friend of mine, and Taylor Lautner, who brings his own audience, are both huge, too, because now it’s more than just women [in the cast].”

Murphy and the Scream Queens team recently partnered with 21st Century Fox in a project that would drive support for Louisiana’s flood victims. The effort will extend $100,000 to the Louisiana Association of United Ways’ Flood Fund.

Several Scream Queens cast members including Curtis and Roberts joined Murphy in a short PSA encouraging viewers to do their part in the relief effort. The American Horror Story creator recalled fond memories of filming in the region. “We want everyone affected by these devastating floods to know that we see you and that help is on the way,” he added.

Scream Queens used to film in New Orleans but producers made the jump to California for the tax incentives being offered to television shows. American Horror Story also relocated its production in a bid to enjoy the same benefit.

Scream Queens Season 2 premieres on September 20.

[Image via FOX]