WWE News: WWE Confirms Finn Balor Shoulder Injury, Will See Surgical Consult Soon

WWE Superstar Finn Balor has had quite a first month in the WWE and it all came to a huge climax as he became the first ever WWE Universal Champion. He and Seth Rollins had a hard fought match at WWE SummerSlam, but sadly, the two may not have a chance to lock up again for a little while. PWInsider reported that Finn Balor was seen walking around in a sling after the match, which was not good to see.

Balor made an appearance this morning on Good Morning America along with new WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte, but this time out of a sling and looking just fine. This led some to assume the injury Balor suffered was nothing significant, but sadly it does appear it might be. WWE finally reported on the situation on WWE.com through WWE Dr. Chris Robinson, saying the following.

“He hit the wall during the match, dislocated his shoulder and was able to put it back in himself in a split second.” Bálor managed to finish the match, but Dr. Robinson noted that an MRI yielded results earlier today showing “a possible labrum tear.”

This is clearly terrible for the new champion who took the main roster by storm this past month, having the fastest rise ever to the main event scene of the WWE.

Balor Powerbomb [Image via WWE]The worst part is that Finn Balor may require surgery to fix the issue. WWE reported that Balor will see a surgical consultant who will determine the extent of his injury and see if he may need to indeed have a surgery to fix the issue. If Balor does go down to a shoulder injury of any kind, this would be the sixth one in the span of a little over a year to a WWE Superstar. While all seemed to happen different, each happened to a top roster member of either WWE NXT or the main roster.

Cesaro, John Cena, Randy Orton, Hideo Itami, and Sami Zayn all saw shoulder injuries last year into this year. The fact that Finn Balor was able to not only finish the match, but pop his shoulder back into place himself surely says a lot about the man. Not many could work through such a thing and most would not even know how to pop a shoulder back into place during the match. The match didn’t seem to have any issues throughout, which shows how good both men were alone.

If he requires surgery, he could miss a good bit of time. Right now, he is looking at about 4 to 6 months depending on how he responds to the surgery and how well he can do during rehabilitation. The major issue that WWE worries about with people like Balor is that there may be more wrong once they open him up than what they assumed going in. A lot of people who worked on the independent scene for years tend to fight through injuries and actually end up working through some horrific stuff.

Balor hurt [Image via WWE]When opened up, many times doctors see wrestlers need more surgical treatment while they’re in there. There are also times when more than one surgery has to happen to totally fix the issue. If Finn Balor has surgery quickly, he will be back in more than enough time for WrestleMania 33. However, if it is delayed and he tries rehab first, he will take much needed time away that he could have used for proper healing.

Most doctors do advise that athletes try rehab first in many cases, however with a torn labrum, there is usually an advisement that surgery is the best choice. With shoulder surgeries improving over the last number of years, the surgery is not nearly as bad as it used to be. Arthroscopic surgeries have changed the game medically and make recovery much quicker, so doctors are more confident with that end of things now as opposed to a number of years ago. It will be interesting to see which Finn Balor goes with and what WWE does with the new Universal Championship.

[Image via WWE]