Kim Kardashian Divorce? Reality TV Star’s Marriage Is Allegedly In Trouble

A Kim Kardashian divorce appears to be on the horizon. Not only was the reality TV star on vacation in Mexico without her husband, Kanye West, but she wasn’t wearing her wedding band, reported Radar Online.

Kardashian was pictured on a Mexican beach with her children, North West and Saint, building sandcastles without their father. The Hollywood couple has allegedly been suffering for quite some time. Radar Online reports that their marriage has been so bad that they are at the point where the couple appears to be leading separate lives.

Though Kanye was away, Kardashian still made it a point to show off her assets. The reality TV star wore a nude-colored bikini and shared some scandalous booty photos.

While a Kim Kardashian divorce hasn’t formerly been announced yet, the star has been spending a lot of time without her husband. Recently, Kardashian went on a yacht trip with her best friend, Jasmine Sanders. The two friends went to the Hamptons, and Kanye West didn’t bother to show up.

Not only has Kim Kardashian been going solo lately, but she hasn’t been wearing both her wedding and engagement ring. Fans of the star are growing concerned. Kardashian deliberately not wearing either piece of jewelry is a huge indicator that couple’s marriage is suffering.

A Kim Kardashian divorce seems bound to happen. Last week, Kanye and his wife got into a monumental fight. While the celebrity couple has been fighting a lot lately, the two recently got into an argument about their “multi-million dollar empire,” reported Radar Online. Kanye recently told Kim that he needed to “go out of town soon for a few different business-related trips,” explained an anonymous insider close to the Kardashian clan. The rapper told his wife that he would be taking these trips solo.

“Kim is freaking out because Kanye told her that he needed to go alone.”

Kim Kardashian hasn’t divorced Kanye yet, but it is very clear that the reality star isn’t pleased with her husband. Kardashian became angry with West when he said he wouldn’t take her on his upcoming business trips, explained the insider source.

“He did not ask her to go with him! He said he wanted space!”

Kim Kardashian isn’t pleased that her husband thinks he can “go and do what he pleases without her.” The Kardashian insider said that this incident “really ticked” Kim off, although nothing has happened as a result of this argument.

While a Kim Kardashian divorce hasn’t taken place yet, the couple has been spending a lot of time apart. Recently, Kanye was spotted in Houston, Texas at a Galleria mall, where he was signing autographs at Saks. The rapper, who has become a fashion icon, will be opening 21 international pop-up stores to sell his new clothing.

While Kanye chooses to continue conducting business, Kim decided to go on vacation with her kids, explained the insider close to the Kardashian family.

“Kanye chose business over Kim…She went to Mexico with the kids to spite him.”

Still, a Kim Kardashian divorce might not be on the brink, after all. Though the couple has been arguing for quite sometime, Kim’s vacation to Mexico has allowed her to reflect on her marriage. Kanye has been doing the same, explained the unknown source.

“Kim and Kanye need some time apart to learn how to appreciate each other again.”

Kim and Kanye have been rumored to be suffering from marital troubles for several months. Despite all the gossip that has been circulating about the couple, no formal announcements have been made as to whether or not the couple would be separating.

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[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]