‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’: Moniece Slaughter Admits To A Ray J Hook Up, Says Marriage To Princess Love Won’t Last

On the upcoming episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, Moniece Slaughter has a lot to say about Ray J and Princess Love. In a recent sneak peek posted by VH1, Moniece can be seen gossiping about the newlyweds with Masika Kalysha and Nia Riley. Moniece claims that her feud with Princess stems from a fling she had with Ray J from back in the day.

Moniece never shies away from giving her opinion on pretty much anything, and it looks like Ray J and Princess Love are not immune. In the recent clip, she claims that Princess doesn’t like her because she hooked up with the “One Wish” singer first. She told her friends, “Princess doesn’t like the fact that I’m familiar with her man, maybe just as familiar as she is…and maybe even a little more.”

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star continued to dish on her former fling and his new wife. She said that the feud with Princess really heated up when all three of them were in New York City for Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris’ wedding. Moniece claims that when she crossed paths with Ray J and Princess, she referred to him as Raymond. Well anyone who knows anything about Ray J knows that his name is not Raymond. In fact, it is William Ray. but that didn’t stop Slaughter from giving him the cutesy nickname.

“She was drunk, she felt some type of way. She was like, ‘His name is not Raymond.’ I was like, ‘I know but I’ve always called him that.’ And she was like, ‘Well that’s not his f***ing name.'” Moniece told her friends.

Moniece Slaughter had a lot more to say recently about her Love & Hip Hop Hollywood newlywed costars. When TMZ cameras recently caught up with her, Moniece predicted that Princess Love and Ray J’s marriage would last about two years. She also dished that she doesn’t believe Ray J will stay faithful to Princess either. She did admit that if Ray J and Princess end up having a baby together, she thinks it would be really cute.

“I give them two years tops,” Moniece told TMZ. “Two years and a baby.”

Moniece Slaughter isn’t the only one who has something to say about the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood drama. Princess Love is definitely not a fan of Moniece. In a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Princess said that Moniece is just a “bitter b***h.”

Princess Love thinks that Moniece’s problem is that she can’t get and keep a man. Princess sat down to respond to a Vlad interview Moniece did where she admitted to having a fling with Ray J.

You know who isn’t talking about the feud between Moniece Slaughter and Princess Love? Ray J has stayed pretty silent as the two women take turns taking swipes at each other. Moniece and Princess have been throwing shade for months now. It’s pretty obvious that they will never be friends even though Princess is happily settled down now, and Moniece isn’t even trying to jump back in Ray J’s bed.

“That’s why God will never bless you and a man will never want you because you’re so bitter and so hateful and you’re always in someone else’s business,” Princess Love said. “Let a dude put a ring on your finger, try to keep a man for longer than six months, and then come holla at me.”

It seems silly for Moniece and Princess to be feuding so hard over her past fling with Ray J. It’s not like he hasn’t slept with most of the LHHH cast already anyway. Of course, it could also be the fact that Moniece won’t stop talking about it and doesn’t seem bothered that Princess can’t stand her.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood airs Mondays at 8/7 p.m. Central on VH1.

[Photo by Araya Diaz/Getty Images]