‘MDLNY’ Star Derek Kaplan Reveals Dog Fritzy Peed On His Art Masterpiece

Million Dollar Listing: New York star Derek Kaplan is often featured on the show because of his husband, Fredrik Eklund. While Fredrik is busy running around New York City making deals for million-dollar real-estate listings, Derek is busy in his art studio. When they met, Fredrik knew that Kaplan was an artist, and he has worked hard on giving Kaplan a personal studio. Sometimes, Eklund will share pictures from Derek’s art studio, and the couple’s dogs are often running around the studio to keep him company.

According to a new Bravo report, Derek Kaplan is now speaking out about his art influence and his background as an artist. While fans of Million Dollar Listing: New York are starting to learn more about Derek’s past, including how he has a son with a lesbian couple, Derek hasn’t talked too much about his artistic influences and his past in Africa. Now, Derek Kaplan is opening up to Bravo about his art, and he reveals that he has a hard time painting in New York sometimes.

“I would say the quality of the art I make is certainly affected by where I am living, but not the actual art itself. I love New York but there are days I struggle with the noise pollution and when the sky is grey and dead!” Derek Kaplan reveals about how New York isn’t always the best influence on his art, adding that he enjoys painting quite a bit when he’s on vacation in the Hamptons or perhaps even in his new home in Connecticut.

“I recall a trip I took with Fred to Fire Island a few summers back, where every day I painted in the direct sunlight and made some really fantastic work. [Our dog] Fritzy even approved by peeing on it when I wasn’t looking! I remember thinking ‘Oh wow, the painting just doubled in value!'” Derek jokes during his interview with Bravo.

Of course, fans of Million Dollar Listing: New York know Fritzy, as Fredrik has shared many pictures of Fritzy over the years. And while Eklund is often talking about how he and Derek met in Greece during a vacation for the both of them, he doesn’t mention Derek Kaplan’s childhood in Zimbabwe. Apparently, his childhood in Africa is a huge influence in his art and the artists he looks up to also have a connection to Africa.

“Growing up, my favorite artist was a lady called Joan Evans. She painted the most beautiful landscapes of Zimbabwe, which for me really captured the dreamy soul of Africa. I hope to own one of her paintings one day if I can find one,” Derek Kaplan explains of his childhood in Africa, adding about his artistic influences, “I also love Francis Bacon, who I think is one of the greatest painters of all time. Plus, I have a strange affection for Tracy Emin.”

On Million Dollar Listing: New York, Fredrik has expressed how proud he is of Derek Kaplan and his art career. On the show, he has shared an art show with fans, and he has actively taken himself out of the spotlight to celebrate his husband’s achievements. The two of them have been married for a few years, and they are still pursuing a family together. Despite trying to have a baby twice, Derek is ready to give it another shot. According to Bravo, Kaplan is already a father to little Kai, but he and Eklund are enjoying the roles of father and stepfather for now.

What do you think of Derek Kaplan’s artistic history? Are you surprised that he looks up to artists that capture the essence of Africa?

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]