Sonja Morgan Still Fighting Bethenny Frankel Over The Color Red For Her Business?

Sonja Morgan made headlines earlier this season on The Real Housewives of New York after she made a few mistakes with her co-star, Bethenny Frankel. Sonja was learning to stand on her own two feet again after filing for bankruptcy a few years ago and getting out of owing millions of dollars. Morgan, who just wanted a fresh start, decided to partner with Ramona Singer’s former business partner, who had registered the name, Tipsy Girl. His plans were to launch a prosecco business and have Sonja be the face of the company. Sadly, the Skinnygirl owner learned of this new business idea, and she quickly slammed Sonja for creating a cheater brand.

According to a new tweet, Sonja Morgan has revealed that she has settled the drama with Frankel over their competing businesses. Morgan has also revealed that she never expected to be a competitor to Frankel, who runs a million dollar business. Instead, she just wanted to create something fun for her that could help her move on from her bankruptcy case. But it sounds like fans are still curious about their business feud, and now, they are fighting is over the color red; the signature color of Frankel’s Skinnygirl brand.

“Careful Bethenny may accuse you of stealing her color red! Sorry, so mean girl of me but luv u Sonja & feel protective lol,” one person wrote to Sonja, who had shared a picture of a jumpsuit that was red.

“It’s VALENTINO red. Lol,” Morgan revealed to which people came to Morgan’s defense, writing, “Bethenny is a b*tch and doesn’t own all the words in the English language!” and “B does NOT own red. B is skinnyworld delusional. Red & White are the colors of KFC, Slimfast, Target.”

It sounds like people want Sonja to know that she can do whatever she wants without asking Bethenny for advice. Some people felt that Frankel was too harsh in regards to Sonja’s new business venture as she really wanted to start over. Frankel saw it as a personal attack because Morgan hadn’t talked to her about it and was launching a booze line with the word “girl” in it. But Sonja Morgan has no problem defending her use of the color red if this is the way she wants to go. As she points out, the color red has been in her family for years.

“And my family’s race car team for 53 years,” Sonja tweeted back to the people, who insisted on Morgan using whatever color she wanted for her business.

Morgan has previously revealed that Frankel just took her new business venture as a personal dig, even though it was never meant to be personal.

“Bethenny knows how hard it is and how long it takes to build a lifestyle business from the ground up. I can see this is not about business. This is about Bethenny taking this personally. She is very upset. And it’s personal. That’s the last thing I want. Last thing I would expect from Bethenny. I thought she would laugh as usual and Ramona would make her digs. As usual. But this is rough! I’m feeling misunderstood, but obviously Bethenny is very hurt. So now I’m hurt that she’s hurt since she is my pillar of strength. I look up to Bethenny as inspiration and would never wish that. It’s like a balloon just popped over my head that I was following,” Sonja Morgan revealed in her blog for Bravo‘s The Real Housewives of New York.

What do you think of Sonja Morgan possibly using the color red for her brand? Do you think this could ruin her friendship with Bethenny Frankel?

[Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Hulu]