‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’: Shanda And Willie Taylor Face Off With Side Chick Kyesha

Before Season 3 of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood even started, fans heard all about the affair that Willie Taylor had with Kyesha Shalina. In a recent VH1 sneak peek, we see Willie and his wife Shanda as they confront Kyesha about the affair.

The drama all started when Kyesha contacts Shanda and tells her that Willie has been texting her. According to Willie, texting was all it ever was, but Kyesha may not agree with that. During the recent promo posted by VH1, Kyesha makes a lot of claims about her relationship with Willie. While the LHHH star tries to act like none of it was that big of a deal, it seems that Shanda wants to know more, and she thinks it’s a way bigger deal than her husband does.

It turns out that texting is not all that happened between Willie and Kyesha. The Chicago rapper dropped a major bombshell on Shanda when she revealed that she and Willie had been going back and forth since 2004. To make matters even worse, Kyesha claims that at one point, she was even pregnant with Willie’s child.

Kyesha also claimed that when Willie is in Chicago, he still stays with her, and he text messages her all the time. The text message proof is out there, and Willie can’t even deny it. Shanda showed him the phone bills and asked if that was his number texting hers. Sure enough, the LHHH star was caught creeping with another woman.

Willie tried to act like all of that was in the past, and he was moving forward with his wife, but Shanda wasn’t having that. Willie finally admitted, “I did f**k up, but I love my wife.” That’s when Shanda walked off and left Willie still standing there with Kyesha.

Fans of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood have been wondering how this will affect Willie Taylor’s marriage to Shanda. Will she walk away from the reality TV star or let him apologize and work things out?

There is also a theory floating around that Kyesha Shalina is the one that Willie really loves, and his marriage to Shanda happened purely because she got pregnant. If that is the case, why didn’t Willie marry Kyesha instead? She also claims to have been pregnant with his child, as well. It is unclear when Kyesha claims that she got pregnant, though, and Willie has been married to Shanda since 2007.

According to Enstarz, Kyesha and Shanda’s first encounter happened when Willie Taylor’s side chick showed up in the studio wanting to bust him for the love triangle. When face to face with Shanda, Kyesha said, “I wanted to come talk to you about the things you need to know that your husband is doing.”

Kyesha Shalina claims that Willie wanted to leave Shanda for her when she was pregnant with their child. She says that Willie really loves her and not Shanda. The whole ugly confrontation had Shanda so mad that she even tried to take a swing at Willie’s other woman.

Willie Taylor has been busted and can’t really deny his longtime affair with Kyesha. After so many years of sneaking around throughout his entire marriage, it will be interesting to see if Shanda could forgive him and keep their marriage intact. Right now, Willie claims that he just wants to put the past in the past and fix things with his wife.

Do you think Shanda will leave Willie Taylor over the Kyesha Shalina affair? Tell us what you think of the latest Love & Hip Hop Hollywood drama in the comments section below.

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