Is Wild Child Miley Cyrus Feuding With Adam Levine And Flirting With Blake Shelton?

Since Miley Cyrus has been announced as one of the new coaches on The Voice, rumors about the singer’s wild behavior have surfaced.

According to a recent report via The Inquisitr, Adam Levine, 37, has been feuding with Miley Cyrus, 23. Cyrus’s over-the-top personality and loud voice have caused friction on set with Levine, who is a bit more laid-back and serious. And, according to Radar Online, tensions between the two musicians have increased during filming.

“Adam and Miley were non-stop bickering during their last taping together,” an insider said. “He nitpicks almost every single thing she says. Adam seems to find Miley to be extremely loud-mouthed and absolutely annoying!”

In addition, executives have supposedly reneged their decision to bring Cyrus on full-time just because she can’t get along with Levine. However, Gossip Cop debunked the rumor and were told by Cyrus’s reps that the report is “false,” insisting that the singer gets along with everyone on the show.

“She couldn’t be getting along better with Adam and the rest of ‘The Voice’ coaches. It’s becoming a very familial environment on the set.”

Then, there were rumors swirling that Cyrus flirtatious relationship with Blake Shelton was making his girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, jealous. A recent report on Hollywood Take claimed that Stefani was jealous to find out that Cyrus will be on Season 11 of The Voice with Shelton. Although it’s clear that Cyrus is back together with her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, Stefani was supposedly worried that Cyrus and Shelton would get close while working together.

“Gwen trusts Blake, but she knows Miley can be very, very flirty,” an alleged source revealed.

So, the No Doubt frontwoman wants to be on set “as much as possible” to let Cyrus know that she’s Shelton’s woman. Although Stefani trusts Shelton, she is aware that he is friendly to everyone, which could confuse the “Can’t Be Tamed” singer.

“Blake is friendly to everyone, and Gwen wants to make sure that Miley doesn’t misinterpret that as something.”

But, this rumor is also false. Sources close to Stefani told Gossip Cop that she is not worried about Shelton and Cyrus flirting. In addition, Stefani and Cyrus are not feuding. Shelton and Cyrus have already proved they can work together without anything going on between them. Cyrus previously worked as an advisor on Season 10 of The Voice.

Plus, both Cyrus and Shelton are in their own relationships. Shelton and Stefani have been in a serious relationship, and Cyrus got back together with Hemsworth this past winter. Both pairs have been rumored to make some wedding plans of their own.

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It looks like Cyrus doesn’t have a problem with either Shelton or Levine. An inside source told that both musicians love her “infectious” energy on the set of The Voice.

“This season is not a job for Blake and Adam. Miley’s liveliness has injected a whole new feel to the panel. Miley loves the show so much and is really trying to win, that it has been infectious for Blake and Adam to want to win as well. They all really think that they will make a star this year and this will be the best season yet!”

Also joining this season’s lineup of judges is singer Alicia Keys, who will bring plenty of her own style and personality to the show. But, don’t expect Cyrus to change her wild style just to fit in with the panel. Stylist Simone Harouche told the Hollywood Reporter that the singer plans to be herself in order to attract younger viewers.

“I think a large portion of Miley’s audience has always been a younger demographic. If any age group would relate to her fashion sense, it would be her peers. Miley is always going to be true to herself, regardless of the event or show.”

Just don’t expect her to rock pasties or lingerie in the revolving red chair. However, Cyrus is very hands-on and involved with the styling process, so anything is possible!

Season 11 of The Voice premiered on Sunday night, Aug. 22. What are your thoughts on Miley Cyrus’ coaching abilities? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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