Katie Maloney Angrily Defends Husband Tom Schwartz: He’s Called ‘Gay’ After Wedding

Katie Maloney recently had her dream wedding with Tom Schwartz after waiting years for that special ring and the proposal she had dreamed of. On previous seasons of Vanderpump Rules, Katie had given Tom several ultimatums where she had asked him for a proposal or she would leave. He did everything he could to make her trust him, and he just needed more time before proposing. But Maloney finally got her ring, and last week, she got her dream wedding. She’s been sharing links to articles and pictures so fans could follow along and learn more about her special day, but sadly, Maloney has to deal with haters as well. And one person was downright rude about Tom Schwartz.

According to a new tweet, Katie Maloney is now defending her husband after one sour Twitter follower decided to write that Tom is more into guys than her. The comment seemed rude and did seem to come completely out of nowhere. But Katie isn’t going to let one person rain on her parade, so she fired back, calling the person an idiot.

“He’s gay,” one person coldly wrote to Katie after she shared an article on Twitter about their wedding, to which she replied, “you’re an idiot.”

Sadly, the person who was so quick to call Maloney’s husband “gay” had some spelling issues, writing back, “your a child. You know he’s gay. Really.”

The comment about Tom liking guys and being gay seems to be coming from a place of hatred and gossip. Schwartz has never hinted that he likes guys or that he’s gay while filming Vanderpump Rules. In fact, he’s been very concerned about losing Katie Maloney every time she threatened to leave him if he didn’t man up and commit to her. He is clearly smitten with Maloney, and he’s very happy to be married to her. The two gushed about their feelings for one another on Instagram after their wedding, according to Bravo.

“So I married my best friend and I couldn’t be happier! #twobubbs Tom and couldn’t have felt more special in my @zuhairmuradofficial gown that I got from the one and only @kleinfeldbridal,” Katie Maloney revealed on Instagram in a picture, according to Bravo, adding that she was “still on cloud 9” after the wedding. “Off I go to do the damn thing. I am still on cloud 9! Seriously couldn’t have dreamed of a better day and now I get to call Tom Schwartz my HUSBAND!!!!”

And while Schwartz was psyched about the wedding, he didn’t share too many romantic pictures. Instead, he opted out for a funny picture, where he shared a picture of a baseball cap that read, “We are happily married. She’s happy and I’m married.”

“Solid eBay purchase (a joke),” he wrote on Instagram, asking people not to take the hat too seriously, writing, “People way too literal, it’s ok for me to wear this [because] I’m happier than I’ve ever been,” according to Bravo.

Of course, many people tend to share their unsolicited opinions when it comes to these Vanderpump Rules stars. Scheana Shay went through her own social media nightmare last year after marrying Mike Shay. Even though Mike said it was the best day of his life, many people criticized her for ruling and controlling everything. Things only took a turn for the worse when it was revealed that Mike was struggling with a prescription pill problem and often turned to alcohol. Many people blamed Scheana, although she was there to help him. Even though the comment to Katie was outrageous, it appears that harsh and negative comments come with the territory.

What do you think of the unnecessary comment that Katie Maloney received?

[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]