Mark Wahlberg Reveals His Workout Secrets, And Why He Never Dreamed Life Could Be So Good

Mark Wahlberg knows the secret to a full recovery after a grueling workout session, according to Men’s Fitness. The 45-year-old Patriots Day actor sure knows how to get the most out of every workout, and now he shares his fitness secrets with the world.

Mark Wahlberg, who serves as a co-founder of a natural fitness supplement line Performance Inspired, has one of the most impressive physiques among Hollywood stars and always stays fit, no matter whether he’s preparing for a role or not.

Mark Wahlberg works out hard (and it can be clearly seen from Googling his shirtless photos), and he knows the ultimate secret of how to fully recover between workout sessions. The Pain & Gain actor, who is currently filming for 2017’s Transformers: The Last Knight, exclusively told Men’s Fitness how he manages to fully recover and have maximum gains in the gym.

Recovery is a crucial topic among fitness enthusiasts, and now Mark Wahlberg is weighing in, saying that people who want to lose weight often skip their post-workout meals thinking it will result in shedding the pounds, but instead they don’t recover after the workout. Mark Wahlberg warns that if a gym goer doesn’t replenish his sugar, glycogen, and protein storages immediately after the workout, they eventually feel soreness, fatigue, and even nausea.

“Nutrition is 90 percent of the work, whether that’s a shake, whether that’s a sensible meal, but that’s part of the process.”

Mark Wahlberg has recently put his impressive physique on display on the cover of Australian Men’s Health, according to the Daily Mail. The 45-year-old actor showed off his huge biceps and a Transformer-like torso on the cover of the magazine.

The September edition of Australian Men’s Health, which hit stands last week, featured Mark Wahlberg wearing a tight-fitting blue t-shirt that emphasized his muscular torso and a pair of dark denim jeans. Mark Wahlberg also sports a bit of facial hair and is seen flexing his triceps for the photo shoot. In the magazine, the Pain & Gain actor smiles and looks off into the distance while holding a football in his left hand.

In the interview with Australian Men’s Health, Mark Wahlberg revealed a few details about parenthood and shared his fitness secrets. In the cover story, the actor also shared how he managed to go from a drug-selling teenager to a worldwide-famous Hollywood actor with an impressive physique.

Mark Wahlberg has always been open about his dark past but this time, the actor revealed a few new details. In particular, the Transformers actor revealed he served 45 days in prison for assault in 1988. And it wasn’t just acting that helped Mark Wahlberg get back on his feet but also his enthusiasm towards fitness and food. And now the Ted star has it all: he’s a sought-after actor, he is a producer, he has one of the best bodies in Hollywood, and he is an entrepreneur with a fast food chain Wahlburgers.

Mark Wahlberg admitted that he never even remotely imagined that he would have such a successful life. In one of his interviews with U.K.’s Men’s Health, the actor said that he never even dreamt of such a life.

“I’m very passionate about what I do and I’m able to provide for my family in a way that I never dreamt of, certainly in a way my parents weren’t able to provide for us.”

Mark Wahlberg married model Rhea Durham in 2009 after the two had been dating for eight years. Wahlberg and Durham share four children together: 12-year-old daughter Ella, 10-year-old son Michael, 7-year-old son Brendan, and 6-year-old daughter Grace.

[Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images]