‘Teen Mom OG’ Spoilers: Season 6 Brings An Unexpected Pregnancy, Rehab, And Relationship Stress

Teen Mom OG is returning tonight in a big way. Season 6 is going to be incredibly telling, with each one of the original girls facing trials and tribulations they haven’t yet seen. Fans have watched these ladies grow up while raising their children. The show was taped a few months ago, and most of what is airing has already made headlines. While the girls are showing footage of their private lives, editing does make it hard to decide if everything is as it seems for these young women.

Maci Bookout had some hesitation about filming Teen Mom OG when Farrah Abraham rejoined the group. After some coaxing, she decided to continue on, but not allow Bentley to be on camera. While that quickly passed, her story mostly focused on her desire to marry long-term boyfriend, Taylor McKinney. The two welcomed a daughter in 2015 and had yet to be engaged. All of that changes during Season 6. Also, there was an unexpected surprise for the new parents, who were filmed drinking a lot during Season 5. Bookout will be making a major announcement during filming, and it is one that had fans talking about irresponsible choices.

Farrah Abraham has always been a businesswoman, even when her endeavors are questionable at best. During this season of Teen Mom OG, fans are introduced to more business ventures. According to All About the Tea, Farrah Abraham has apparently opened a restaurant in an attempt to branch out. Sophia is more out of control than ever, giving the impression she is spoiled by her mother. Simon Saran is still very much a part of Abraham’s life despite his clear distaste for the way she handles things. There will be plenty of outbursts and rude comments made by Abraham this season but without the physical altercations that happened last time around. Season 5 brought calls to have her fired from Teen Mom OG after it was shown she pushed a producer after not getting her way. Farrah isn’t known for being the nicest person to work with, but the push was a little over-the-top, even for her.

Amber Portwood has finally worked out a custody agreement with her ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley, for their daughter, Leah. She has had a lot of struggles in life, including a prison stint. Last season, Portwood was heavily criticized for her relationship with Matt Baier. His slew of children and lack of child support became headline news. She was attacked on various social media outlets because of her choice to remain by his side. It appears that the Teen Mom OG star has decided to take a step back and reconsider her decision to marry Baier as her October wedding as been canceled. The two remain together but are no longer on the road to holy matrimony. There were some rumors that Portwood suffered a miscarriage while filming Season 6, but nothing has been confirmed.

Finally, Catelynn and Tyler will share their journey with her trip to rehab in Arizona. When news broke the Teen Mom OG star was headed to Arizona for rehab, fans were floored. It had been apparent that Catelynn was struggling last season. Tyler was trying to learn to be supportive, but it wasn’t helping her. After filming stopped, the two made a decision for her to seek help. Season 6 will feature her leaving, and Tyler staying back to care for their daughter, Nova. It seems that he also decided to bring up his new wife’s weight by suggesting she begin Weight Watchers after declaring he didn’t want to be married to a heifer. Things seem to be rough for these two, especially with a new baby, and Catelynn battling postpartum depression.

The Season 6 premiere of Teen Mom OG will air tonight on MTV. It is a two-hour special, meaning plenty of time to catch up on where the ladies have been since Season 5 ended. Each original girl has their battle that they are facing. This just may be the most dramatic season yet!

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