‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The Reveal Of The Serial Killer Is Getting Closer, The Cuff Link Mystery Continues

The serial killer on General Hospital is still running around, but the Port Charles Police Department has finally come up with a lead in this long-running case. Valerie discovered a cuff link on the floor of the lab right before she was knocked out. Who does it belong to?

That is the question that needs to be answered before the General Hospital killer strikes again and someone else loses their life. Even though Valerie no longer has the cuff link after the killer knocked her out and grabbed it, she did identify it from pictures on the computer. Jordan seemed to recognize it, so it is looking like the spoilers that Dr. Andre Maddox is the killer is coming to light. As Celebrity Dirty Laundry pointed out, there are now clues that are leading right to the doctor’s door.


The cuff link had a Roman statue on it, and it was mentioned on a previous episode of General Hospital that Andre is into archaeology. CDL also noted that he gave Jordan a jaguar statue to keep on her desk at the PCPD. That is when he mentioned that he is into Mayan history, so this certainly is all pointing to him being the hospital killer.

However, there is always the possibility that someone had planted that cuff link for Valerie to find. Remember that she wasn’t killed during the attack. Why did he or she knock her out instead of injecting her with the deadly syringe? Was it really because they had to rush in to grab the cuff link before Valerie took it to the PCPD as evidence? Could this all be a setup to point the finger at Andre?

Most General Hospital viewers think that it is Dr. Maddox who will end up being found out as the evidence is mounting against him. But what does actor Anthony Montgomery, who plays the role of Andre, think about his character going around with a syringe in hand at GH? During a Q&A session on Twitter a few days ago, he may or may not have revealed the truth behind the hoopla that he is the actual serial killer.

When a fan expressed to the soap actor that they hope he will not be revealed as the killer, Montgomery said that he hoped he wasn’t either. He mentioned that he simply didn’t know at that point, or he just isn’t revealing that secret, but it sure sounded like he really doesn’t know if he or someone else is the actual General Hospital serial killer. But then he came back and told another fan that Andre is a good guy. What does it all mean?


Another scenario is that Paul Hornsby could be the killer. He is already seen as the bad guy, but then he turns around and does some good as well. This leaves some fans that believe he could be doing something bad. He doesn’t really have a major storyline right now and could very well be setting Andre up. He does have access to all of the police department and seems to always be doing something sneaky.

As it stands right now, Jordan could recognize the evidence as being one of Andre’s cuff links and could have him arrested eventually because of it. On Monday’s episode, Jordan will be drawing her gun at someone. It is more than likely to be Andre that sneaks up on her as another General Hospital preview reveals that they later share some intimate moments in her apartment. In that particular preview, something happens as the two of them look a bit surprised by something. Does it have anything to do with a cuff link?

Robert Scorpio is expected to make a return to Port Charles on August 26. It is rumored that he will be back to help out with the serial killer case, or it could be a bit more personal than that. Since Andre works with the WSB as a profiler, as well as a psychiatrist at the hospital, it may be that Robert is either coming back to scope out Andre as the possible killer, or maybe Andre gets arrested and the Australian special agent will be back to bail him out.

Do you think that it is Andre Maddox who is going around killing patients at General Hospital? Stay tuned to find out.

[Photo by Martin McNeil/Getty Images]