Anthony Johnson Talks Daniel Cormier Fight And Addresses Jon Jones After UFC 202 Knockout Victory Over Glover Teixeira

Anthony Johnson adds another highlight reel to his collection with a 13-second knockout win over Glover Teixeira at UFC 202.

Rumble Johnson landed a vicious uppercut that sent the Brazilian slugger unconscious. With that victory Johnson has earned a title shot against Light Heavyweight champion who welcomed the challenge at UFC 202 as he sat ringside.

During his post-fight press conference, Rumble Johnson revealed that he had practiced the uppercut in training based on Glover’s fighting habits. While he did not think he would get the knockout so quickly, Anthony told the press that he knew he will get it eventually.

Anthony Johnson lost to Daniel Cormier via submission at UFC 187. Johnson took the fight on short notice and lost his opportunity to win the light heavyweight belt.


Johnson told the media that he sees the fight going a lot different this time. Anthony Johnson praises Daniel Cormier as a great champion and is excited to fight him.

Anthony Johnson criticized Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz antics during their pre-fight press conference. When asked about the main event fight, Johnson was impressed by the heart Diaz and McGregor showed.

He was also happy to see that they respect each other when Nate Diaz picked up and hugged Conor McGregor after their five-round war.


Jon Jones revealed that he has some good news regarding his positive drug test that got him pulled from UFC 200. Dana White added that it seems as though Jones unknowingly took a performance-enhancing substance.

However, Anthony Johnson is looking past Jon Jones until he knows for certain Bones is coming back. According to MMA Fighting, when asked about Jon Jones getting a title shot at Daniel Cormier before him, he responded:

“Not at all,” Johnson said at UFC 202’s post-fight press conference. “Daniel is beyond that. I’m beyond it. Daniel wants to fight me and I want to fight him. As far as Jon, he can sit back and wait. That’s just what it is right now. That’s nothing against him, but that’s just what’s going to happen.”

When asked how he knows he will get the next title shot, Johnson said that Daniel Cormier has already agreed to fight him.


Johnson also joins the long list of fighters that hope to be on UFC 205 in New York:

“I want to be a part of history in New York, man,” Johnson said. “I really want to fight in Madison Square Garden. That’s where all of the legends of fighting, not mixed martial arts but just fighting in general, Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, all of the greats have fought there, so I want to be a part of that history.”


Daniel Cormier is Johnson’s only loss since his return to the UFC at the 205 division. Johnson has won his last three fights and earned a Performance of the Night bonus for each.

Cormier survived Rumble Johnson’s signature knockout punch in the first round, and he praised the champion for his toughness at the press conference:

“Daniel took a hell of a shot and just, he took it like a man. I was very surprised that he got back up, because usually I hit you one time and you drop and you don’t get back up unless somebody is helping you up. But Daniel popped right back up and kept moving, so hopefully I don’t get as frustrated next time and I just keep landing big shots on him and eventually put him out.”

Daniel Cormier’s path to victory is getting Rumble on the ground and avoiding his powerful strikes. The fight has not been booked, and Dana has yet to say whether Jon Jones gets the title shot first since he is still the interim champion due to his win over Ovine Saint Preux.

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