Millie Bobby Brown: Fun Facts About The Young Star of ‘Stranger Things’, Including Her Love For Boxing

Before Stranger Things debuted in July, Millie Bobby Brown only had a few small roles to her credit. Today, it’s only been a few weeks since the series first aired and viewers can’t get enough. Seemingly, Brown’s life will never be the same. To say she has a bright future ahead of her is an understatement.

Are you curious about Millie and her life off of the set? Keep reading to learn a few fun facts about the young star of Stranger Things. They really might surprise you.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Millie Brown is doing her part to honor veterans by taking the #22PushupChallenge, which is gaining in popularity across several social media platforms. This challenge was started as a means to raise awareness about the mental health issues (and suicidal tendencies) many veterans face. Learn how you can help. Every pushup makes a difference.

Mirror indicates that Millie is a natural mimic. She learned her excellent American accent by watching movies on the Disney Channel. Speaking of learning, Millie has always been home schooled. Her parents chose this option because the family moved around a lot when the children were young. Now, with her acting career to think about, the decision makes it much more convenient for Brown to complete her education.

Even before she snagged the role of Eleven, in Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown admitted to being a huge Winona Ryder fan. Because of their working relationship, the two are now good friends. Brown recently had this to say about her new BFF.

“Winona’s just a phenomenal, amazing actress. We have a really good friendship, and because she was a child actress and she cut her hair, and I’m a child actress and I cut my hair, I think we just have so much in common.”

In case you’re unaware, Ryder was considered somewhat of a “break-out star” in her own right after appearing in the movie Beetlejuice.

Millie Brown is afraid of sharks. They “freak her out.” However, she is very intrigued by dolphins, orcas, and whales. So much so that she spends quite a lot of time writing essays about whales.

If you’ve already watched all eight episodes of Stranger Things, you know that Millie Bobby Brown’s character Eleven has no trouble fighting with her mind. But, many of her fans are surprised to learn that Millie loves to box and trains in the ring. Rumor has it, as explained by Yahoo Style, Brown has a mean right hook.

This is what Millie had to say about her obsession with boxing.

“I do Thai boxing on Mondays, jujitsu Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Wednesday I do boxing with Mark. He was a world champion at one point. I absolutely love it. I actually have a punching bag right outside in my garden. I’m obsessed with working out. I eat like a pig so it kind of makes up for that.”

If you don’t already follow Millie Brown on Instagram, you’re missing out on getting a real glimpse into her off-screen life. The actress shares all kinds of cool pictures, including great fan art. Consider taking a minute to check it out!

As recently reported by the Inquisitr, Millie Bobby Brown had no idea what a record player was until she came into contact with one on the set of Stranger Things. She was so fascinated, in fact, she now owns one of her own. Word has it, she listens to it all the time. Two of her favorite artists are Amy Winehouse and Adele. Read the report, to find out even more about Millie. The girl can sing!

Are you obsessed with the Netflix blockbuster Stranger Things? If the answer is yes, join the club. Millie Bobby Brown never dreamed the series and her character Eleven would burst into the limelight so quickly. But, burst they did! Why not take a minute or two to leave your feedback about Millie, Eleven, or Stranger Things below.

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