James Franco And Tyrese Gibson Hid A Secret War On The Set Of ‘Annapolis,’ Franco’s Voice Considered ‘Too Sexy’ For ‘The Little Prince’

James Franco clashed with his Annapolis co-star similar to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel on the set of Fast 8, according to News Australia. The furious feud between Diesel and The Rock was revealed earlier this month, but they are not the only Hollywood stars who clashed on set.

Although James Franco and his Annapolis co-star Tyrese Gibson may not be as huge and intimidating as The Rock and Diesel, they had a no less fierce feud on the set of the 2006 film.

In his interview with Playboy after wrapping filming, Gibson said he never wanted to work with James Franco again. What did the Interview actor do? Apparently, he threw real punches at his co-star during a boxing scene.

James Franco is a method actor, which is why he didn’t go soft on his Annapolis co-star. And while Gibson said he respects method actors, Franco had taken it way too far and never snapped out of character during filming.

“Whenever we’d have to get in the ring for boxing scenes, and even during practice, the dude was full-on hitting me. It felt very personal. It was f***ed-up.”

James Franco later accepted “full blame” for his “f***ed up” behavior on the set of Annapolis. In his interview with GQ magazine, the 38-year-old actor assured that he was not cruel to Gibson on purpose, but because he was too “wrapped up” in his character that made him act not as friendly as he normally is.

In other news, The Little Prince, which was released earlier this month, is not as kids-friendly as it first seems, according to Decider. And the main problem with the animated film based on the popular kids’ novella of the same name is that James Franco’s voice has been considered way too sexy for the role.

The Little Prince has been praised by movie critics, and it features lovely scenery, a sweet story, superb animation, funny jokes for kids, and a star-studded cast. But James Franco voicing the Little Prince’s fox friend is reportedly so sexy it’s distracting to watch.

And while kids may not necessarily notice the level of sexiness in James Franco’s voice, many adults get distracted while watching the animated film, with some fans even joking about having dirty thoughts while listening to that fox’s sexy voice. Whether intentionally or not, and whether instructed by the film’s director or it was his own idea, but that voice gets too distracting.

Apart from James Franco, the star-studded cast also includes Jeff Bridges, Ricky Gervais, Benicio Del Toro and Rachel McAdams. But even McAdams’ voice doesn’t have as much of an impact as Franco’s voice does.

There are many actors whose voices have a huge impact on the audience (think: George Clooney, Morgan Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch), but many probably hadn’t realized how sexy James Franco’s voice is until they saw The Little Prince.

James Franco also lent his voice to a character in the recently released Sausage Party, which hit theaters earlier this month. But his voice while playing a human character isn’t anywhere near as sexy as it is in The Little Prince, which seems strange since, while both movies are animated, Sausage Party is intended for adults and features characters obsessed with sex, while The Little Prince is aimed at children.

The Little Prince teaches the audience the importance and the power of having a good and loyal friend, and was written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery in 1943. The 2016 animated film has already received the Best Animated Feature Film award at the Cesar Awards.

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