Jared Haibon Says He'll Never Return To 'Bachelor In Paradise' Again, Gives Update On Relationship With Ashley Iaconetti — Romance Rekindled After 'Paradise'?

Cheryl Phillips

Jared Haibon's fans will be disappointed to learn that this season of Bachelor in Paradise will be his last. The 26-year-old Rhode Island native, who started his reality TV career on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of the Bachelorette, returned to Paradise for a second season earlier this month, one of 30 contestants who joined the cast of ABC's summer reality show hoping to find a love connection.

Find out why Jared says he has no plans to put his heart on the line on national TV again, learn more about what happened with Caila Quinn, and the not-so-surprising news about his real-life relationship status with Ashley Iaconetti.

[Warning: There are some Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 spoilers ahead]

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In an interview with Glamour magazine, Jared says although he is happy he went on Paradise for a second season, he is "absolutely" done with the Bachelor franchise. And, although he sounds dead-set against returning for another season, keep in mind that Nick Viall told WetPaint in September that he'd never join the Paradise cast.

Does the fact that Jared told Glamour "no, no, no, no" when asked if he would join the Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 cast next year make it painfully obvious that things didn't work out with Caila? And what does he have to say about his relationship with Ashley?

ABC's preview video (below) shows Caila going back and forth about her relationship with Jared, something that appears to frustrate him to the point where he tells Carly Waddell he feels like he's "going to throw up."

When asked about Ashley's relationship with Caila, Jared tells Glamour that he doesn't think "they are painting each other's toenails." In other words, they aren't best buddies now that Caila made a play for Jared.

Ashley explained on ABC's After Paradise last week that Caila promised her that she wouldn't go after Jared if she joined Paradise, so it's obvious why Ashley isn't willing to be Caila's BFF.

"Yes. Oh my God, [yes]. Ashley and I are still great friends still."

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