Tom Cruise May Have Abandoned His Daughter, Suri, But He’s Still An Amazing Actor

Tom Cruise may be one of Hollywood’s most famous actors, but it doesn’t make him a good father, according to News Australia. The 54-year-old Edge of Tomorrow actor has reportedly not seen his daughter in three years.

The shocking news comes just several weeks before Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, in which Tom Cruise plays the lead role, hits theaters. Multiple reports indicate that the actor hasn’t put much effort into visiting his 10-year-old daughter, Suri, in the past three years.

Tom Cruise currently resides in Los Angeles, while his ex-wife and mother of Suri, Katie Holmes, lives in New York City with their daughter. A source close to the family told the New York Post that if The Mission: Impossible actor really wanted to see her, he “could” do it.

“Even people in prison have a right to see their children.”

But it’s not only solely Tom Cruise who is blamed for not seeing his daughter in three years, as the Church of Scientology may also be involved in this. The church bans its members from communicating with non-believers.

And while it may seem absurd, Tom Cruise has been a member of the church for several years and he may not want to associate himself with his daughter and his ex-wife, both of whom are non-believers.

And even though Tom Cruise hasn’t lifted a finger to see his daughter in the past three years, more and more of his fans still want him to have more custody and blame his ex-wife, Katie Holmes, for not letting the Jack Reacher: Never Go Back actor see their daughter.

However, sources close to the family recently said that Suri is “thriving” even though she hasn’t seen her father in so long. The sources added that Suri has lots of friends and leads a “nice, normal life.”

“This is his loss, his issue, his problem. He must be really brainwashed.”

He may be a bad father, but Tom Cruise is a force to be reckoned with on-screen. And it can be clearly seen from the new trailer for his upcoming film Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, according to Collider. And judging by the trailer, the sequel to the 2012 Jack Reacher film has everything film critics loved the original for.

In 2012’s Jack Reacher, Tom Cruise proved that action films can be good even without having to put lots of CGI and have them crowded with superheroes. The 2012 film caught film critics’ attention for having a consistent and intriguing plot as well as featuring realistic, bare-bones action sequences.

In the sequel to the 2012 film, Tom Cruise returns to expose bad, mean, and corrupted officials and dominates when the situation gets out of control. In the film, his character finds out that the woman who was selected to head the MP instead of him has been arrested for espionage.

But Tom Cruise’s character thinks it’s suspicious and starts investigating until he finds himself running from assassins, the law, as well as corrupt military officials who want him dead.

In the new trailer, Tom Cruise tells two corrupt officials, who had just put him in cuffs, that big trouble is coming their way. And in his signature manner, he makes them regret that they messed around with him in the first place: not by beating them up, but by putting them in cuffs.

Watch the trailer here.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back starring Tom Cruise hits theaters on October 21. Cruise co-stars with Straight Outta Compton actor Aldis Hodge, and Fight Club actor and Prison Break star Robert Knepper.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]