Amy Schumer’s New Book Tells All, Is She Really The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo?

Amy Schumer is a published author. Her new book The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo is slated to be a best-seller, according to Vanity Fair. Containing a total of 35 chapters, one for every year of the comedian’s life, the book isn’t an autobiography, per se. As Schumer explains it, the tell-all is a “good representation of the highs and lows in my life to date.”

Interestingly enough, four chapters in the book are actually Amy’s journal entries, penned between the ages of 13 and 22, complete with annotations. There are also a couple of previously published pieces, a rider that stipulates her funeral wishes, and three lists.

Vulture shared several facts gleaned from The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo. Here are a few of them.

Amy Schumer has five stuffed animals she remains devoted to, even after all these years. The gang includes Bunny, Pokey, Panda, Mouser, and Penny. The comedian is so fond of them, in fact, that they are immortalized in a work of art.

Amy was arrested for shoplifting, at least twice. Once was at a novelty store when she was 14 years old. The second time was at Bloomingdale’s, a few years later. This is what she said about her brief career as a hustler.

“Now that I’m all grown up and no longer driving up the price of bad tchotchkes in Old Sacramento, I’ve graduated on to the next-level hustle — making people laugh.”

In the event that you’re unaware and wondering, the definition of tchotchke is “an inexpensive souvenir, trinket, or ornament.”

Schumer’s family life is more than a little bit complicated. Her parents divorced when she was just a teen. To make the situation even worse, the split was a result of her mother’s affair with Amy’s best friend’s father. The comedian’s own father, who was an alcoholic playboy, made a lot of money and lost it all. Currently, he suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Her romantic relationships haven’t all been rosy. At one point, she found herself being chased through her apartment by her knife-wielding boyfriend. This is Schumer’s reasoning behind sharing such a private and painful time in The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo.

“I’m telling this story because I’m a strong-a** woman, not someone most people picture when they think ‘abused woman.’ But it can happen to anyone. You’re not alone if it’s happening to you, and you’re not exempt if it hasn’t happened to you yet. I found my way out and will never be back there again. I got out. Get out.”

Last but not least, Amy Schumer does indeed have a tattoo on her lower back. She got it when she was 20 years old and doesn’t regret her decision at all. Schumer opted for a somewhat large tribal design, which is now located above her derriere.

Vogue recently published an excerpt from The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, written by Amy Schumer. It gives readers some idea of what to expect before forking out the cash to buy the book. Please note, this particular excerpt is sexual in nature. If you’re offended by the use of profanity, this may not be the read for you.

According to Portland Press Herald, new author Amy Schumer is taking a break from her work on Comedy Central to tour and focus on writing. However, there is no official word on whether or not she has plans for another book.

Are you an Amy Schumer fan? Do you plan to read or have you already read The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo? Either way, feel free to leave your thoughts about the popular Ms. Schumer below.

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