WWE News: Update On How Brock Lesnar Played A Role In The Latest WWE Suspensions

We all know by now that WWE has decided to suspend three wrestlers due to their failure of a drug test as part of the WWE Wellness Policy. Eva Marie, Paige, and Alberto Del Rio were all suspended thirty days for their first violation under the policy, which means we won’t see any of the three until at least this exact time next month. It was odd seeing three notable names on the list, but a failure is a failure at the end of the day.

Eva Marie came out about her suspension to both apologize and update us on the fact that she failed because she didn’t have the proper paperwork in to the WWE office before starting her medication, which is believed to be Adderall. This is reportedly the same medication Roman Reigns took that caused him to be suspended. You have to get it via prescription, but you have to be extra careful to let WWE know you’re using it as it classifies as a amphetamine.

With drug testing, the test just shows what the person tested positive for but not the exact medicine. The company knows this, so if they know a talent is on something already then they will know why the test shows they tested positive for something. If they don’t know, they cannot be sure and thus know they have to suspend or even fire a talent. Many feel this goes too far and that wrestlers should be able to take what they want, as most other jobs out there don’t do drug testing all the time.

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The reason WWE does this is because it allows them to know if the wrestlers are abusing medications. With tons of wrestlers dying early, WWE wanted to fix the problem by keeping an eye on talent. Plus the company looks good for doing this too, which is such a coincidence. Interestingly, the company took a hit recently when Brock Lesnar failed a USADA test that he took before fighting Mark Hunt at UFC 200. He reportedly tested positive for an Estrogen Blocker, which helps to elevate testosterone and fertility on the man’s side of things.

Most assumed that this would be an automatic suspension by WWE due to their Wellness Policy, but the company came out to say that Brock falls under the part-time worker role. Meaning he does not have to be tested under the policy. This made WWE look bad, obviously. So they wanted to be sure they solved an issue. According to The Wrestling Observer, Brock’s drug test failure with USADA led the company to do a surprise test on WWE Superstars.

They did one just a little while back, which saw Reigns end up suspended for his first violation. The wrestlers probably assumed they wouldn’t do another for a while and some obviously didn’t plan their drug intake correctly. This enforces the fact that WWE talent should not take anything wrong because they can and will be suspended if they violate the rules. Some assumed since Eva Marie and Paige are on E Network’s WWE Total Divas show, that all of this was a storyline for the show this upcoming season.

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It is 100 pecent real, and while the show may talk about the test failure, it was not planned out ahead of time. Sometimes drama comes without ever really having to do anything. The weirdest part for most people was that WWE ended up reporting Paige and Del Rio’s suspension on Thursday with Eva Marie having her failure reported on Friday. It was odd that they were reportedly separately when WWE knew of all three failures at the same time.

Some theorize that this could also have been done to send a message to all three involved, which is why they weren’t all looped into one article on WWE.com. This seems likely as both Paige and Del Rio’s suspensions officially took place on Thursday even though the report came out Wednesday. Meanwhile, Eva Marie was suspended immediately on Thursday. This means WWE very well could have planned the suspensions out exactly and had them take place officially on the same day, the 19th of August. There is a rumor more suspensions are coming as a result of the surprise test, so maybe the Brock Lesnar failure was a good plan to make sure talent stays on track.

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