‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: POV Players Picked, New Backdoor Plan Underway In The ‘BB18’ House, And Nicole Cracks Under Pressure

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that the houseguests may be in for another chaotic week ahead with a backdoor plan in full swing. Paul Abrahamian decided to call Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks out on their “lies,” after he and Victor Arroyo were nominated for eviction this week. Nicole worries that the drama will prompt Natalie Negrotti or Michelle Meyer to name her as the replacement nominee after the POV (Power of Veto) competition. The POV players were selected, and the houseguests have dedicated their free time memorizing the riddles that Big Brother provided so they can win the competition, with the plan to backdoor Corey and save Paul from the chopping block.

Yesterday was a busy day in the Big Brother house. First, Michelle learned that she won Week 9 Care Package and will be the Co-HOH (Head of Household) for the week. Natalie (current HOH) decided that it was time to make a bold move and nominated Victor and Paul. They believed, at the time of nominations, that Paul was going to target James Huling next. They claimed that Paulie Calafiore and Nicole told them that Paul was planning on targeting James this week.

Natalie panics because James is her best friend in the Big Brother house, and if he left, she knows she wouldn’t survive longer than a week or two. She urges Michelle to nominate Paul, which she believes will guarantee James will be safe next week. Michelle protested the notion because she wanted to put Nicole on the block. She claims that Nicole “is a snake and cannot be trusted.” As it turns out, Michelle’s gut feelings about Nicole were right; they made a huge mistake with their nominations.

Online Big Brother reports that Paul unleashed his fury on Nicole and Corey, and they couldn’t rationalize why they “lied” about his target in the game. Apparently, he told Nicole that she’s a “bad liar,” and if he can swing it, she will leave the Big Brother house this week. As you can imagine, Nicole panicked and went to the HOH room to confirm that she could be going home this week. Natalie and Michelle told her that he “was lying to her.” Nicole explained that she feels nervous about the possibility of going home (or to the jury house) his week. Nicole seemed rattled about Paul’s comments and runs to Corey to talk about the POV competition.

Big Brother Network reports that Nicole tells Corey that if they don’t win the POV competition, they may be the backdoor plan. Apparently, she suspected that was the plan after they weren’t nominated on Friday. Corey thinks she’s jumping to conclusions, but Nicole insists they must win or they could be split up.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that the houseguests received a series of announcements, that will help them win the POV competition. Big Brother named the competition, BB Storm Watch. Everyone but Corey and Nicole spent most of the night studying the announcement clues. Corey seemed tired from all the fighting, and Nicole was “too upset” to study. Natalie pointed out that it will make it easier to beat them in the competition.

The Big Brother house got an early wake-up call to draw names for the POV competition. James and Corey were selected to play, alongside the two HOH, Natalie and Michelle, and the two nominees, Paul and Victor. It looks like the only player not playing in the POV is Nicole, and she will be the host.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that the plan is to backdoor Corey this week. Next week, they will nominate and evict Nicole with Michelle going on the block as a pawn. At that point, the remaining five houseguests will battle it out for the final two. The one detail they haven’t factored into their plans is the jury buyback competition. It could bring Paulie back into the house, which could throw a wrench in their plans.

Big Brother Network reports that Paul told Victor that even if he leaves the house this week, he will not go quietly. He vows to blow up Corey and Nicole’s game on the way out. If Corey doesn’t pull off a win today, it looks like he and Nicole are in serious danger.

James seems to still want to work with Nicole and Corey, so it will be interesting to see if he can save them from the chopping block. He seems to have reservations about trusting Paul and Victor, and may believe that they were coming after him next. One thing is for sure, the last 33 days of Big Brother 18 will be action-packed; there is no way to predict who will win the game.

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