Don't Blame Rowan Blanchard For The Cancellation Rumors About 'Girl Meets World'

Rowan Blanchard has been to blame for the Girl Meets World Season 4 cancellation rumors. The Disney star quickly reached stardom with the series, but has also been making headlines for speaking out about her beliefs and ideas. Rumors swirled that her attitude was the reason for the cancellation of Girl Meets World Season 4, according to reports.

Although no official announcements were made on the renewal of Girl Meets World, fans have been looking forward to the next season. In addition, recent reports hinted that Season 4 is being cancelled on the Disney Channel, but could be moved to another network. Although the reports are still not confirmed, some fans believe that the series will end up on the Freeform channel.

Rowan Blanchard has also become a target for her alleged bad behavior. It's become the rumored reason why Season 4 has either been delayed or cancelled. She has been accused of being rude to her co-star Sabrina Carpenter and the rest of the Girl Meets World cast, according to Hall of Fame Magazine. According to Teen Vogue, the actress caused friction between her and Carpenter.

Blanchard took to Twitter to express her frustration and disgust over the rumors. She said she was hurt to see that she is being accused of her ill-behavior towards the cast and crew.
"I just wrapped up and was informed that there were horrendous rumors being spread about me and our cast. I don't usually comment on anything like this, but I have spent the last half hour crying, confused as to why someone can stoop to such a low level to try to ruin the life of someone they don't personally."
She went on to say that the cast has already finished filming Season 3 and that they could not have any more love for each other than they already do. They spend a great deal "hugging" and "reminiscing" with one another. However, Blanchard did not confirm or deny the Season 4 cancellation rumors.According to Movie News Guide, Disney is seriously considering the cancellation of the show because of what it could bring into Season 4. The show in Season 4 may show the young stars in their teen years while Disney focuses on mostly children-centric shows. Therefore, there are talks about moving the show to Freeform, formerly known as ABC Family, where there is a platform for adult and teen subjects.

So, don't blame Rowan Blanchard for the cancellation of Season 4 of Girl Meets World, if it does happen. It is only because they are trying to find a network they can move the show to so they can address these mature subjects, like they did on the later seasons of Boy Meets World.

Meanwhile, in a new interview with Refinery29, Blanchard addressed the topics of feminism and fashion, and how she plans to mesh them together. At such a young age of 14, she already has become a voice for human rights, gender rights, equality, diversity, and gun violence, according to the publication. Now, Blanchard wants to bring feminism into the world of fashion.
"I feel like the reason I choose to consciously speak about these things is because, while I do feel like an actress first and foremost, career-wise, before that, I'm a girl and I'm a human," she said.
Young women like Blanchard and her friends Amandla Stenberg and Yara Shahidi are using their style and social media to bring this awareness to their young fans.
"I care about style, I care about the world and my place in it — and these things are not mutually exclusive. I feel like feminists my age totally realize that and they're like, 'You can do makeup tutorials on YouTube and also be a feminist.'"
The receptiveness has been strong. Blanchard has become one of the most stylish and forward-thinking stars since Tavi Gevinson was noticed by the fashion industry.[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Vanity Fair]