Microsoft dumps Seinfield from ad campaign

Microsoft has dropped comedian Jerry Seinfield from its ad campaign after widespread derision, according to a report from Valleywag later confirmed by Kara Swisher.

You can see our full coverage on the campaign so far as follows: Microsoft says Seinfield, Gates ad a winner, Bill Gates Jerry Seinfield Microsoft Ad 2, Bill Gates Jerry Seinfeld Microsoft Ad and So Windows is like cheap shoes? [Microsoft WTF].

The official Microsoft spin on the move is that they are moving to phase two of the campaign, and that they had always planned to drop Seinfield, although no word yet as to whether Bill Gates will make another appearance.

It’s a sensible move, but a costly mistake. $300 million is budgeted on this campaign, and Seinfiled’s fees alone are probably in the millions. I’ll reserve judgement on phase two until we see it, but they couldn’t possibly be any worse.