‘The Walking Dead’ Issued A Casting Call: New Heroes? New Villains? More Fresh Meat For Zombies?

The Walking Dead cast is changing. Fans know that at least one and perhaps two important cast members are dead, but who died will be revealed after the infamous season cliffhanger. Viewers don’t know who survived Negan’s rampage. There will new faces next season, though. Some new heroes, as well as villains, will be appearing in season 7.

The Walking Dead has already scouted out the talents of Khary Payton as a series regular. Payton will play the role of Ezekiel, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Ezekiel is the leader of the Kingdom and is easily recognized by his pet tiger, Shiva. Khary has acted in Teen Titans and General Hospital prior to becoming a part of the zombie apocalypse. The Kingdom represents a large group that is about to become potential allies against Negan, so that is really good news for fans worried about their favorite zombie fighters.

Brion is a mysterious new role to be cast for The Walking Dead, according to Cinema Blend. It is very interesting because there was no Brion in the comic books. The casting department does not have a clear picture of who Brion might become yet, or at least they are not revealing much to those trying out for the role.

Like Norman Reedus, who was allowed to create Daryl Dixon, Brion could be an entirely new concept not in the comics. Character details could be largely fleshed out by the actor walking into the role, as well as the writers as the show progresses.

Khary Payton is New On Walking Dead Laura Cavanaugh c
Khary Payton is New On Walking Dead [Photo by Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images]

The Walking Dead casting department has been left to choose virtually anyone walking in the door. They are into equal opportunity employment at this point, offering the role equally to male and female actors. So Brion could be a woman, but no one knows yet. All anyone really knows is this person will be a leader, but which group will they be leading? According to CB Comicbook TWD, the casting call’s description was very mysterious and reveals little.

“Brion is an educated, poker-faced leader who has a superior air and does not let his/her motives be known. Brion uses as few words as possible and keeps his/her emotions in check — we do see amusement, annoyance, displeasure. Brion just doesn’t wear their emotions on their sleeve; he/she is confident, quiet, and chiefly concerned with how anything may benefit him/her and those he/she knows.”

Brion will appear in Episodes 10, 12 as well as the final two episodes of this season. The new part is defined as a recurring guest star for Season 7, according to Cinema Blend.

Although The Walking Dead comic had no Brion, this character could represent a name substitution for one of the characters from the comic book, speculates Cinema Blend. Perhaps revealing the actual comic book name would give too much away? Cinema blend speculates the new character could be one of three leaders from the comic books, namely Pete from Oceanside, Magna, or the leader of a sect called the Whisperers.

Walking Dead Cast and Producers by Jesse Grant c
Walking Dead Cast and Producers [Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]

Pete from Oceanside could be a good guess since rumor has it that the crew is thought be filming at the beach this season. Pete would be appearing way too early in comparison to the comics, but it is possible they might introduce a character early who may play a larger role later, or just bring in a group earlier to balance out the hero and villain tally.

In the Walking Dead comics, Magna is a female leader, but her group does not have a name. Jesus finds Magna and her friends on a dangerous outing, and this little band of zombie fighters would presumably become allies of Rick’s group. It is possible that Brion could actually be Magna, according to Cinema Blend. If so, her identity being deliberately hidden from precocious comic fans who tend to figure everything out long before it happens.

The Whisperers had a female leader in the comics, but Cinema Blend and CB Comicbook/TWD both speculate it is far too early for those whisperers if the show is following the storyline at all. Overall, introducing so many groups in one season is not only potentially confusing for viewers, but it also represents a huge leap in the timeline for the show when compared to the comics.

Will The Walking Dead take a tremendous leap forward in the timeline during Season 7?

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