WWE News: Nikki Bella Cleared To Return By WWE — Will She Make Her In Ring Return At ‘WWE SummerSlam’?

WWE Superstar Nikki Bella has missed about a year of action due to a serious neck injury that required her to undergo career-threatening surgery. The injury was reportedly caused by Nikki’s finisher, called the “rack attack,” due to the number of times ladies would fall on her neck and upper back. In theory, the move looked like it would hurt if done correctly to someone. However, the move really didn’t hurt Nikki’s opponents as much as it hurt Nikki herself.

The good part is that doctors were able to give Nikki Bella a good shot at a great life with the surgery. The question was if she would ever be allowed to perform again under the WWE banner. Doctors initially did not know if Nikki would return to the ring, and it was a good 50/50 shot that she may have to retire if certain things did not go as well as doctors had hoped. Thankfully, everything turned out how they and Bella had hoped.

Now, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet, the WWE has cleared Nikki to return to the company. The sad part is that sources are still claiming that Nikki Bella will only be able to return to the WWE on a part-time basis, so don’t get used to seeing her on the road a lot regardless of being cleared. She very well could just work one television taping a week and a live event, which would give her a similar schedule to that of her boyfriend, John Cena.

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Cena was telling people he took on a part-time role a little while back, and it seems that he’ll be using his time to do various projects away from the WWE. The cool part is that Cena is not leaving full-time, and it is likely that he and Nikki will be put on the same schedule so that they can be together more often. This may also indicate Nikki going to WWE SmackDown Live, the same brand as Cena.

It had been rumored that she would be added to SmackDown, but it appears more like to happen by the day. There is also a really good chance that she shows up at WWE SummerSlam, according to the rumor mill. WWE Superstar and fitness model Eva Marie was suspended for 30 days following her failure of a drug test under the WWE Wellness Policy. Marie’s husband has defended his wife on social media and claims Eva did not fail knowingly, but the WWE has not yet removed the suspension.

This is a blessing in disguise for Nikki Bella, as she could end up working SummerSlam to take her spot. Eva was set to be part of a six-woman tag team match this Sunday that would have her teaming with Natalya and Alexa Bliss. With Marie out with a suspension, WWE has to fill her spot, and Nikki seems like the perfect person to use in this role. She is cleared, meaning WWE can use her at any point they choose.

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SummerSlam is a pretty big event, and it would be the perfect time to bring someone like Nikki Bella back. Bella has a history with Nattie, and it has been discussed among many that Bliss is similar to Nikki in certain ways. The WWE Total Divas connection with Nattie is the most powerful thing here, and being part of a SmackDown Live match makes sense for a girl who is likely going to be part of the blue brand.

Nikki Bella may take on a heel role when she returns as well. While the brand already has three female performers of note, at least one will be gone for a month. It makes sense for Nikki to return as a heel for this tag team match and then turn whenever Eva Marie decides to come back and actually perform in a match. Basically, Bella would fill a hole left in the tag match, and then the former WWE Diva’s Champion would go on to do something else down the line.

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