Mariah Carey Too Sexy For Caesar's Palace ? Get The Scoop About This And Her 'Mariah's World' Premiere

Mariah Carey has been looking svelte and in top form since preparing for her walk down the aisle. The superstar started a strict workout and diet schedule that saw her drop weight and get into great shape. Carey is not keeping her physique hidden away either. The mother of two has been sure to step out and show off her new physique in form fitting, low cut gowns, and other ensembles that seem more appropriate for the boudoir.

Carey has become a bit more racy in all regards, including her latest billboards that advertise her ongoing Las Vegas show. The billboards are said to be so racy, that certain locations in California have banned their presence. The International Business Times notes the details about Mariah Carey and her latest ads for her Vegas residency.

"Billboard's for Mariah Carey's Las Vegas show "number 1 to infinity" have reportedly been banned at some California airports, for being too racy. It's understood that the billboards show the singer barely covered by a gold sheet. the billboards were supposed to be placed in prominent spots near two popular California airports. They were not happy with the billboards' depiction of Carey, however."
It's reportedly the singer's chest out for all to see that the businesses have complained abot with most. It's also been stated that even the venue where Carey performs, Caesar's Palace, is looking for a more censored version of the provocative billboard. Despite controversy over the images, Mariah is still pushing for the original images to be used to advertise her show.Carey began her "Number 1 to Infinity" Vegas residency on May 6 of 2015. She has already competed four legs of the residency. Her fifth and final leg is set to begin on August 24, concluding on September 11.

Following the end of her Vegas residency, Carey will return to completing her Latin American leg of her "The Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour," beginning on October 28 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and wrapping on November 9 in Monterrey, Mexico. The tour has reportedly experienced great success, grossing $15.3 million from 26 shows and a total of 204, 767 tickets sold in Europe and Africa for her first and second leg,

The singer has also been keeping busy filming her upcoming and much-anticipated reality show, Mariah's World. The series goes behind the scenes of Carey's residency and world tour to show viewers all the work that goes into her performances and revealing some of the humorous and dramatic moments that go along with her day-to-day as a superstar diva.

Many were originally against the idea of Carey taking to television once more to star in her own show, stating that it was beneath her. Members of her entourage and crew spoke out when the news about her show first surfaced. However, at this point, it seems that the show is set up to be a big hit. When it comes to Mariah's view of the series, she shared that she doesn't see it as a reality show at all.

The singer spoke to Variety recently on the topic.
"I don't consider it reality. I haven't been on tour in Europe in about 10 years. So I thought, let's just show the behind-the-scenes, what it really takes to do a tour… and mainly, watch how the music evolves, watch the process, and watch how the different personalities clash."
As for the dates you can tune in to see whether the show is reality television or not all for yourself, Variety shares that the premiere date is Sunday, December 4 at 9 p.m. After the debut, the show will premiere outside the U.S. and will reach 153 countries in 24 languages. Mariah always goes big, and it has seemed to work for her.

[Photo by Frederik M. Brown/Getty Images]