‘Uncharted 4’ Single Player DLC: Five Plot Possibilities

Naughty Dog still hasn’t given us any hints about what the upcoming Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End single player DC will entail, and the only time the Sony-based gaming studio brought it up at all was during a recent live stream, when they said that it would be a while before they announced anything about the game’s single player expansion.

Uncharted 4’s main story far exceeded expectations, so it’ll be hard for the single player expansion to follow the main story, but the expansion should still end up being a short but epic journey nevertheless.

There has been a ton of speculation surrounding Uncharted 4’s single player DLC, and every idea that’s been thrown out there — from playing through Nate and Sam’s younger years to playing as Cassie Drake — has been a good one. But what will be the main plot of the game’s single player expansion? Well, here are five ideas, all of which could be the focus of the DLC, which is expected to be released at the beginning of next year.

  • Young Sullivan
[Image via Sony Computer Entertainment]

We got a brief look at Sully’s younger days in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, and even though he’s been a mainstay in the series ever since the very first game, we still don’t know a whole lot about his backstory.

Uncharted 4 gave us an in-depth look into Nathan Drake’s past, and the game’s single player expansion could end up doing the same thing, but with Victor Sullivan. Of course, we know that the DLC campaign won’t be nearly as long as the main campaign itself, so it won’t be an in-depth look. But, something is better than nothing!

  • One Last Time
Uncharted 4 Nate and Sully
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At the end of Uncharted 4’s main story, Sullivan says to Nate “no more late night phone calls about one last time.” But the game’s DLC could feature Nate and Sully taking one final job; one last time.

If the expansion is another Nate and Sully adventure, then it would completely kill the ending of Uncharted 4, so this is definitely the least likely of the five possibilities. But, it can’t be ruled out.

  • The Brothers Drake [Nate and Sam]
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Who would be against learning a bit more about Nate and Sam’s younger days?

We did get an in-depth look into Nate and Sam’s past in Uncharted 4, but there’s still a bit more to learn about their childhood.

In the epilogue of the game’s main campaign, Elena says that Nate and Sam started their treasure hunting adventures at a pretty young age, which of course we did see. But, what we didn’t see was how their first major treasure hunting adventure went or what exactly they were looking for. So, that story could be told in the game’s single player expansion.

  • Cassie Drake
Uncharted 4 DLC
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We were introduced to Cassie Drake — the daughter of Nate and Elena — in Uncharted 4’s epilogue, and upon completion of the game, most people believed that Naughty Dog was going to have the single player DLC be based around Cassie and her first big adventure. There are even some who think that she’ll get her own spin-off.

Of course, if the single player DLC were to be based around Cassie, she’d probably be quite a bit older than she was in Uncharted 4’s epilogue, and she may even be assisted by Nate, Sam, and Sully, which would certainly be epic.

  • Sam and Sully
Sam and Sully

This one is the most likely of the five, mostly because it was the one that was hinted at the most during the main game. Also, like people were saying with the Cassie Drake DLC idea, there’s a chance that Sam gets his own spin off and becomes the new main character of the Uncharted series.

Of course, Sam was introduced to the series in Uncharted 4, so he’s a fresh character that has the potential to carry the series for the next couple of entries should Naughty Dog decided to carry on with him as the main character.

[Image via Sony Computer Entertainment]