Why Amber Heard Could Be The Most Generous Celebrity Of All Time

Amber Heard has dethroned Taylor Swift as the most generous celebrity this year. Johnny Depp's ex-wife gave away all $7 million of her divorce settlement to charity, perhaps making her the most generous celebrity of all time. Who gives away their divorce settlement millions just like that? Right, nobody except Amber Heard.

With what she did on Tuesday, Amber Heard sent a crystal-clear message to the world that she never married the Edward Scissorhands actor for his money. From the start, the Amber-Johnny divorce had all the markings of an ugly one. Amber accused Johnny of assaulting her on Saturday, May 21. Her ex-husband allegedly hit her with his iPhone in a fit of rage, according to the Daily Mail.

Amber Heard wrote in a police report that Johnny Depp was drunk and high. She also stated that this wasn't the first time Depp had hurt her. She would paint a picture of her former husband as a lovable man who turns into a monster for some paranoid reason which no one will probably ever know about.

Citing that she feared for her life, Amber initially requested a Los Angeles court to grant her a restraining order to keep her then-husband away from her. On May 22, she decided to file for divorce under which she requested monthly spousal support and custody of her dogs. But on Tuesday, when most people thought that divorce proceedings would drag on, the used-to-be-lovebirds jointly decided to have an out-of-court settlement.

The amicable settlement awarded $7 million to Amber Heard, which all goes to her two favorite charities, of her own accord. She clearly didn't say half or a portion — she meant the whole amount. And as if she wasn't clear enough, she also stated that she will never stop supporting the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. It turns out that Amber Heard has been doing volunteer work at the hospital for 10 solid years, according to an Inquisitr story.
Chances are, she will likely keep doing so in the coming years, despite her busy schedule. She is currently preoccupied with filming Justice League in London. With the out-of-court-settlement, Amber Heard's true colors would show. Gone is the stigma that she is a woman out to extort money from her previous hubby to whom she was married for only 15 months. Huffington Post UK captures Amber's philanthropic statement as follows.
"Over the years, I have seen first-hand how more funding for staffing, better equipment, and better medication can make the difference between life or death for a child. I know these organizations will put the funds to good use and look forward to continuing to support them in the future. Hopefully, this experience results in a positive change in the lives of people who need it the most."
The joint statement of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp regarding their divorce also lets go of all the nasty details of wife beatings, drunken sprees, and loads of broken furniture. These have all been efficiently, as well as conveniently, swept under the rug, What the two people want the public to remember about them is that they loved, cherished, and respected one another and will continue to do so even out of wedlock, according to the Los Angeles Times.

That's definitely a fairy tale ending to what began as a publicity nightmare for the Johnny Depp camp in particular. Seven million dollars does buy Depp peace of mind, which Amber Heard has put to good use, thus making their final story as a couple a win-win situation. They had no prenuptial agreement, but who needs it? Both are successful stars in their own right.

Amber Heard for one, is known for her work in Zombieland, The Danish Girl, and Machete Kills. Johnny Depp, is, of course, a household name, although his latest flick, Alice Through the Looking Glass, has been a flop.

At 30-years-old, Amber Heard still has a long way to go. Her 53-year-old ex once used the following words to describe her.

"She's a wonderful girl. She's sharp as a tack. A southern belle and sweet as can be, and very good for me."
Meanwhile, Marie Claire gushed over the beauty, brains, and fashion icon all rolled into one. With the conclusion of Amber Heard's divorce with Johnny Depp, we can safely add her heart for causes. In fact, with her recent $7 million donation to charity, she easily edges out Taylor Swift.

The singer and composer has been the most generous Hollywood celebrity for four years in a row, according to Seventeen. Sadly, it doesn't look like Taylor is going to retain her title this year. That is, despite the "Shake It Off" singer's $1 million recent donation to the Louisiana flooding, as reported by CNN. Amber Heard seems to have stolen the crown out of the blue.

[Photo by Matt Roberts/Getty Images]