How I Met Your Mother Creators Promise ‘No More Fake Outs’ After Season 8 Premiere

If you haven’t watched the season premiere of How I Met Your Mother then you might not want to read on. The season premiere of what’s presumably the final season of the show capped off with the audience finally seeing the mother holding the yellow umbrella at what is said to be the location where Ted Mosby meets the love of his life.

The pivotal moment has taken Ted seven whole years to tell. As the audience watched as Ted and the mother were finally at the right place at the right time, the yellow umbrella, which has been a significant symbol to the series since its introduction was still shielding the mother’s identity.

After the season premiere aired creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have said that there will be “no more fake-outs.” So it’s safe to assume that when Ted meets the mother “again”, we will all meet the mother and her identity will be revealed — we hope. In a press conference Thomas said about the moment, “There won’t be a swerve. “That’s the moment. We can very honestly say it. He’s moments away from meeting her.” The moment, which was explained as “a little ways down the road” was shown for just a few seconds.

Thomas added about the special day, which also happens to be the wedding between Barney and Robin, “We’re still going to find the A-to-B in that day. We like jumping to endings and then not telling you the middle. It’s a very awkward sort of storytelling.”

Over the series fans have been teased with guest stars and love interests that had potential to be the mother of Ted’s two children, but no one fit the bill. However, the season premiere of season 8 finally led up to Ted talking about the day he meets what would become the mother of his children.

When do you think the audience will be introduced to the mother? Here’s a question, who do you think the mother is?