Lytro Signs Distribution Deals, Coming To US Retailers In October With International Sales To Follow

The Lytro camera is coming to the US in October after the company’s manufacturer picked up distribution deals with various US-based retailers. The light field camera became an instant hit for its ability to take photos and then focus those pictures at a later time.

Lytro will appear both in brick & mortar stores and through online retailers including Amazon.

Eventually the light field camera will arrive in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore as part of the company’s international efforts.

The Lytro will first arrive on October 9 at Best Buy, Target and Amazon in the United States and Future Shop in Canada. The next day the device will arrive in Australian stores before reaching Hong Kong and Singapore in mid-October.

CityTarget stores in the US will also receive access to the Lytro but not until November.

The company has promised further international expansion but has not yet revealed where and when that expansion will occur.

If you are unfamiliar with the Lytro camera it is a new type of device that uses a special sensor that not only detects light’s luminosity and color but also the direction light is coming from. By using the data it collects the camera can allow picture takers to adjust a photos focus after the photograph has been taken.

Because focus can be achieved after the fact users can choose to focus in on one part of the photo while leaving the rest unfocused.

Try a Lytro focus on your own by clicking anywhere on the photo below:

Do you think Lytro will be a success?