WWE News: Vince McMahon And Triple H Ticked With Dean Ambrose, Will This Cost Him His Title At ‘WWE SummerSlam?’

WWE World Champion Dean Ambrose finally finds himself at the top of the mountain, holding the true World Championship in WWE today. After cashing in Money in the Bank at the show of the same name, most assumed he would be beaten for the title by either Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns at WWE Battleground. He retained and took the gold to the WWE SmackDown Live brand. The blue brand didn’t win a lot with the WWE Draft, but this was a huge win if there ever was one.

It seemed pretty obvious that Ambrose would go right through WWE SummerSlam and end up maybe losing the WWE World Title down the line to someone like AJ Styles or Randy Orton. However, WWE management does not seem to be on his side right now. According to the Wrestling Observer, Ambrose has some heat with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and Triple H over his comments on the Stone Cold Podcast last week.

Most thought the interview with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin was awkward the entire time, but that didn’t seem to be the main issue for the WWE Chairman or The Game. The main issue they had was that Dean Ambrose put down creative during the interview. He mentioned how he could only do so much and that he didn’t enjoy everything being scripted as much, as he felt he could do fine without so much around him.

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CM Punk notably thought this and would actually throw away any script given to him that would tell him what to say. He had no issue with scripts telling him what was going on but would hate when they would give him a script telling him what to say when he felt he could speak for himself. Ambrose claimed WWE has given him more freedom, which could be why his promos have improved over the last number of months.

Austin also pushed for Ambrose to go further and do more, even going as far as to say he’s gotten complacent now that he has won the WWE World Championship. Ambrose felt offended by the comment he says but claimed he would work on things so that they could be better. The issue in Dean Ambrose’s eyes, according to him, is that he was met with no’s on numerous occasions when asking to do things, so it wasn’t as if he wasn’t trying to go further with creative. He certainly was trying to do more, but when you’re told you cannot do something then you are kind of in a trap creatively. That can be difficult for many to deal with in the WWE.

When you talk negatively about creative, that comes right back on Vince McMahon and Triple H at the end of the day. So it would make sense that they would be upset with Ambrose over his comments regarding creative issues. However, is Dean Ambrose wrong in what he said? Creative has not been the best over the last few years, and ratings have reflected that. Maybe Ambrose’s comments were too truthful for management? He clearly said what everyone else was saying or thinking here, so it was by no means a surprise to any fan that someone in WWE felt the same as them as you could tell the talent wants to do more.

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The other issue with management was that Dean Ambrose called Brock Lesnar lazy when it came to their match at WrestleMania 32. Seen as a dud by almost every single fan, Ambrose claimed that he had a lot of ideas and was willing to do a lot but Lesnar met him with laziness and most everything he may have wanted to do was kept out. This very well could have been why the match was so terrible, as Brock didn’t want to do a lot to make it great when it had all the tools to be one heck of a match if both men put in the work to make it so.

Steve Austin tried to pry the entire time when it came to his interview with the WWE World Champion. So if there is some heat that needs to be on someone, it should be on Austin as Dean Ambrose tried to avoid some things but Austin kept pushing him on things. This was especially true about his childhood and upbringing. Ambrose clearly did not want to talk about some things but Austin kept on. When Ambrose gave out his opinion on some things in WWE, there was also some prying there. as well. So maybe Ambrose wasn’t the main problem when it came to the Stone Cold Podcast if we want to get technical.

The thought among some is that this whole ordeal may cost Dean Ambrose his WWE World Title at WWE SummerSlam this Sunday. The plan as of now is still to have Dean win over Dolph Ziggler and retain his title. However, it is unknown if Ambrose will drop the title at WWE Backlash or WWE No Mercy as of now. It is expected that he will enter a program with AJ Styles after Sunday, so it is possible he drops the title sometime next month. It seems that the heat with management is not going to hurt him too much as he’s now over enough to get away with a bit.

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